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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tonight in Music: Tyler Ramsey, Peter Morén, Geologic and Kiwi

posted by on April 29 at 9:35 AM

Peter Morén, the “Peter” in Peter, Bjorn, and John, is playing tonight at the Triple Door. Christopher Frizzelle interviewed him for this week’s paper—the two talked about his new solo album and Hitler.

petermorenillo.jpgIllustration by Kyle T. Webster

The first song on The Last Tycoon, “Reel Too Real,” is about failing a test for military service. What were you doing testing for military service?

All Swedish boys who are about 17, 18, 19 have to do a military service test. It’s obligatory. But it’s really, really easy to fail. You have to do, like, eight months of military training if you succeed at this test. I went to the psychiatrist and was honest with him and I didn’t need to do the training.

For psychiatric reasons? That’s awesome.

Yeah, because I looked pretty sad I guess. And he asked me if I’d had a bad breakup with my girlfriend, and I had, and then I told him that I dreamt about Hitler growing up.

You dreamt about Hitler growing up?

It wasn’t really a dream. It was more that every time I faced my head toward the wall when I lay in bed at night I saw his face agitating, having a speech. So I always had to sleep with my face facing the room. I couldn’t have my head facing the wall because then I saw Hitler. That was totally true. But then I also faked on the hearing test.

Listen to Peter Morén:
“Social Competence”

Great American, Tyler Ramsey, Husbands, Love Your Wives
(Tractor) Tyler Ramsey is a folky singer/songwriter from Asheville, North Carolina. The songs on his new album, A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea, are simple, understated affairs—acoustic guitar bolstered by some unobtrusive rhythm or other accompaniment—that spotlight Ramsey’s warm, worn, hushed singing. Given another week or two with this album, I could tell you whether or not it was worth a lasting listen, but for now I can guarantee that it’s at least initially pleasant. The properly punctuated (if pesky for copy editors) Husbands, Love Your Wives is the solo project of Baskerville Hill denizen Jamie Spiess. Spiess’s songs are often heavyhearted, but her voice is entirely weightless. ERIC GRANDY

Listen to Tyler Ramsey:
“A Long Dream”

Husbands, Love Your Wives MP3s are available at

Also, Geologic and Kiwi are at Chop Suey. In this week’s My Philosophy, Larry Mizell demands you go.

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