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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Favorite Lyric of the Day

posted by on May 4 at 11:50 AM

As per Douglas Martin’s suggestion, another installment of “Lyric of the Day,” this one from Hot Chip’s “Crap Kraft Dinner” off Coming on Strong:

“All the people that I think I am are drunk”

The line closes a circular series of variations on love, identity, proximity, and inebriation. The setting seems to be a kind of dream-like cocktail party, with every long lost ex and future lover gathered together with the singer. Then there’s this line bemoaning the fluidity of identity and the exacerbating effects of drink on same. We all have moments when we feel we could have been, should have been, maybe even could still be someone else. When Alexis Taylor sings the line in his melancholy falsetto, you get the distinct impression that he misses all the people he thinks he is could be as much as the people he loves. Not a common sentiment in song, let alone in a song whose core emotional image is a box of mac’n’cheese.

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good looking out, grandy! i'm just glad that people pay enough attention to lyrics these days, so that a feature like this could exist. i feel there are way too many people out there who aren't "lyrics people." the awesome thing about "favorite lyric of the day" is that i'm not much of a hot chip fan, but your analysis of the lyric makes me want to listen to the song.

my lyric of the day comes from "banana song," because i've been listening to the PWRFL POWER full-length all day: "how does it feel to be inside of you/how does it feel to be loved?"

it's one of those lines where a curveball is thrown, and you're left asking yourself, "did kaz actually mean it the way i thought he meant it?" the first verse is so innocent, so you're left thinking, "maybe he didn't mean 'how does it feel to be inside of you' like that," but then you listen to the second verse and you're like, "that's kinda creepy, maybe he DID."

i have to point out that i'm sort of a big fan of creepy lyrics. there's something about them that make the writer seem more human to me.

Posted by douglas martin | May 4, 2008 2:09 PM

Could someone besides Eric Grandy write these?

Posted by Morgan | May 5, 2008 7:10 PM

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