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Monday, May 5, 2008

Kanye West Loses 4.0, Gets Really Worked Up About it

posted by on May 5 at 9:20 AM

Entertainment Weekly recently gave a B+ to the Seattle performance of Kanye’s Glow In the Dark Tour. Not a bad mark, right? Wrong! Here’s Kanye’s response from his blog:


Yo, anybody that’s not a fan; don’t come to my show. For what?! To try and throw ya’ll two cents in? Ya’ll rated my album shitty and now ya’ll come to the show and give it a B+. What’s a B+ mean? I’m an extremist. It’s either pass or fail! A+ or F-! You know what, fuck you and the whole fucking staff!!! I know I shouldn’t dignify this with a comment, but the reviewer threw a jab at all the artists. I just wanna know when was the last time you enjoyed yourself. If you can’t have fun and lose yourself at this tour it’s a good chance you’re a very miserable person. I actually feel sorry for you guys. Your job forces you to not have fun anymore. Grab a drink, holla at some nice girls, and party bitch!! You don’t know shit about passion and art. You’ll never gain credibility at this rate. You’re fucking trash! I make art. You can’t rate this. I’m a real person. I’m not a pop star. I don’t care about anything but making great art. Never come 2 one of my shows ever again, you’re not invited and if you see me…BOW!! This is not pop, it’s pop art!

He followed up that rant with this one on Sunday:

Unfortunately for certain media outlets, you will never be able 2 ‘Michael Jackson’ me. That means 2 make it seem like everything I do is so weird or out of place … they always try 2 make it seem like everything is about my ego! That joke is getting old. At a certain point you have 2 respect that I’m one of the last artist that still cares about the fans having the best time of there lives! Thanks 2 Bossip and Perez for taking it easy on me on the EW spaz… I did go in a little 2 much on that one. I’m sure there are some cool people who work over there and had nothing 2 do with that review. With all that said…. “I’m still the greatest!!!” lol!! Oh and I was in the studio with T.I. last night…. so get ready!!!

I give that post a C- for using the phrase “Thanks 2 Bossip and Perez.” Also because it reads like it was text messaged from a 14 year old girl’s cell phone 2 the internet.

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Is there anything more annoying than the kids who would try to talk their way up from a B+? It's like, chill, dude, focus on the PSATs, let this one go. Damn.

Posted by Eric Grandy | May 5, 2008 9:59 AM

Kanye says he is pop art?! HA! thats fucking awesome.

Posted by nipper | May 5, 2008 12:15 PM

You'd think Kanye would be above all this petty jive. But no. This multi-millionaire is nitpicking reviews by people who make a minuscule fraction of what he earns. He's genuinely irked by negative write-ups, even as he lords it over 99.8% of the world with his riches and awards.

I imagine him in his mansion, poring over EVERY review ever written about him, and fretting over EVERY uncomplimentary word ever tossed his way, punching his palm repeatedly and furiously over the indignity of people not understanding and appreciating his unparalleled genius.

KANYE CARES SO FUCKING MUCH ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF HIM. And for that, he deserves our pity... and our admiration. What an adorably flawed egomaniac.

Posted by segal | May 5, 2008 8:55 PM

word up segal, my thoughts exactly

Posted by ndrwmtsn | May 5, 2008 9:12 PM

Holy fucking shit. Just when I thought GTA IV was the marker point of moral indeceny, Kanye has somehow found a way to sink even lower. Thumbs up!

Posted by eric | May 6, 2008 2:01 AM

Ok, i kinda like how madcrazy Kanye is. He kinda follows the opposite of the "not into his thing, but I'd have a beer with him" take on many artists. I'm in awe of his music, but he's the last artist who i'd like to meet much less have a beer with.

Also he says he doesn't want to be "Michael Jackson"d, but he already "Prince"d himself, which is 2 easy 2 see.

Posted by mackro mackro | May 6, 2008 10:50 AM

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