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Saturday, June 21, 2008

There are only 28 albums that are better than Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway

posted by on June 21 at 3:47 PM

Really, nothing good can come from looking at (or re-posting) a list of Entertainment Weekly’s 100 Best Records from 1983-2008. Obviously it’s going to be almost completely wrong. And it is. It is so wrong. But that’s just the thing - it is soooo wrong. Bafflingly wrong, to the point where it actually becomes worth looking at, if only to wonder what the fuck was going on with the people who compiled it.

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100 Days Without Color

posted by on June 21 at 3:41 PM

Daedelus - “Fair Weather Friends”

Let the summer begin.

What the Fuck is This?

posted by on June 21 at 11:52 AM


Just putting it out there.

C(hip) Hop Suey

posted by on June 21 at 11:26 AM

Get Down - X - Kills the Spot, Dig


Chop Suey - Hosted by Gatsby


Friday, June 20, 2008

You Won’t Have the Shins to Kick Around Any More

posted by on June 20 at 4:42 PM

The Shins are leaving Sub Pop.

Genius of Love: Compass Point Studio

posted by on June 20 at 4:31 PM

There’s a fantastic compilation that’s come out recently titled Funky Nassau - The Compass Point Story (1980-1986) and I highly recommended it.

Here’s a brief track by track breakdown.

Perhaps the highest high of the Compass Point sound was Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love. Still sounds so good and never better than on a sunny day with the windows open.

This video is ridiculously good.

Puke Duet

posted by on June 20 at 3:49 PM

This just in to I, Anonymous:

I would just like to give an open thanks to the girl who threw up on me last night at Neumos, causing me to vomit several times in response. That was sweet. My shoe had a new squishy quality to it and the smell was truly, truly, truly outrageous. Nothing like having to live in vomit, with the poor bartender scuttling us to the bench by the door at the very beginning of the concert. I can honestly say that was a new experience. I would also like to say that I will hunt you down like a dog if I catch diptherea or get any sort of fungus from your puke. I’m assuming the loads of alcohol you consumed prior to the upchucking killed off any bacteria you may have gotten from whichever guy you picked up this week but if not, prepare for the wrath!

Got Pride? Need Soul? Talcum Has You Covered Tonight

posted by on June 20 at 3:12 PM


You didn’t get enough “soul” this past Saturday at Lo-Fi? Well, good news, another rendition of Talcum is tonight at The Wildrose hosted by Gene from Emerald City Soul Club. You don’t have PRIDE until you got SOUL!

M.C. Value Menu

posted by on June 20 at 3:09 PM

AdFreak reports that the president of Taco Bell has asked 50 Cent to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent, or 99 Cent for one day and then rap a lunch order including his new name. If he does so, Taco Bell will donate 10,000 dollars to charity.

50 Cent says that charity and also Taco Bell can go take a flying fuck at the moon*.

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US Air Guitar Championships On Monday

posted by on June 20 at 1:43 PM

For all of my “too cool for school” demeanor, I’m completely stoked at the fact that we’re finally getting a US Air Guitar Regional competition here in Seattle (Monday at Chop Suey). Not Rock Band, not Guitar Hero, air guitar. I’m a little worried that Seattle isn’t going to live up to the rest of the world, as the bar’s already been set pretty high (go see the documentary Air Guitar Nation for reference). So here’s a tip for any of you would-be contestants out there: use this weekend to practice your technique. As one of the judges Monday (no, really), I’ll be comparing you to the world’s best, not just to your peers. I’m more than willing to be the “East German judge” of air guitar.

Here are a couple of video examples of proper technique:
C-Diddy - 2003 World Champion

Hot Lixx Hulahan - 2006 US Champion

Oasis to Make 3 More Albums Nobody Will Care About

posted by on June 20 at 1:39 PM


I want to know which member of Oasis keeps convincing the other guys in the band it’s still a good idea to be in Oasis. And who was able to convince Sony BMG that these constant break-up artists (now with racism!) have enough untapped potential left in them to put out three more records anyone is going to want to hear (since their last three records were such smash hits)? I thought the band was done for sure when Liam drowned turning off the signal jammer in the Looking Glass station, but I guess the rest of the band is going to soldier on without him into further mediocrity.

I Wish All Records Were Made of Chocolate

posted by on June 20 at 1:36 PM


I just got this press release, spreading news about the first ever chocolate record:

Some of you may have heard but for those who haven’t, Innerpartysystem is releasing a 7” of their single “Don’t Stop” in the UK, and it’s on chocolate and fully functional! The Pennsylvanian group will become the first band to ever release their single on chocolate, and have limited the run to 100 copies.

Here it is in action:

Josh Homme Responds to Hommephobia: “Let both of your cheeks go loose so the stick will drop out.”

posted by on June 20 at 1:18 PM

Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme got the internet all riled up this week over some comments he spouted at a bottle-throwing concert attendee, calling him a “fucking pussy,” a “chickenshit faggot,” and “dickless turd,” after promising to “buttfuck [him] in front of all [his] friends.” He’s made a public statement about the whole fiasco, and, not surprisingly, he’s not sorry about anything he said:

Some journalists & citizens on the internet & are wondering: Q? Am I a homophobe because I included a slang for gay in with other “acceptable” curse words during a verbal lashing I gave a young concertgoer, after being hit by his shoe, during a show the other day? A= Nope. My gay family & friends, as well as myself, KNOW I am not a homophobe. For years now I’ve known gay is not a choice; one’s skin color doesn’t determine one’s intelligence level; & red hair doesn’t mean you’re someone’s stepchild. You see, it’s not the words, it’s their intent. I never said, nor suggested, that being gay is wrong, but apparently, based on your outrage to my flu-infused rant, you do! By that logic… I also told that young whipper snapper I’d have anal sex with him… how can I possibly reconcile these opposing viewpoints? I called him a pussy too. Does it mean I hate our one worlds’ collective vagina? I never have been nor intend to be politically correct. That’s your cross to bear. To me, that PC world would suck more shit than the porta-potty truck at Glastonbury. Homophobic? I’m in Queens of the Stone Age for crissake… You say, “So. Your band name doesn’t prove anything.” Maybe not. But it’s a helluv a lot more definitive than the logic of some watchdog… (sorry canine-American, canine-European, canine-African, canine-Australian & canine-Asian) moralist, keeping score from pure perfectionville? If your glass house is squeegeed that clean & you need to do something, do what the great philosopher Bill Hick’s once suggested: — forgive me-. Or don’t. I’m not asking for either, OK? I think you should let both of your cheeks go loose so the stick will drop out. Either way I expect that you’ll soon find another injustice from your chair, then roll to your bullhorn & point it out to the rest of us… Because you’re so above it all. Or If you’ll allow me to translate a wish of mine into your PC lingo: Will you please go have, consensual, sex with yourself. Pretty please with all natural, carbon offset sugar on top.

Mr. Missundastood
A.K.A. Joshua, Baby Duck, Jho
Head Choreographer & Do Stuff Corporation’s pansexual spokes-thing

Cancer Muffling

posted by on June 20 at 12:55 PM

I’d really like to meet the guy that’s been calling in whatever noise complaints have forced Chop Suey to keep so quiet lately (I’m told it’s just one cranky old dude calling every damn night). Last night, while this mystery man enjoyed the peace and quiet that has historically made Capitol Hill such a great place to live, Cancer Rising was struggling to rise above a muffle on Chop Suey’s PA at Macklemore’s birthday party. They gave it their all, as always, and looked like they were keeping it tight, but back in the bar it was pretty hard to make out what was going on. It was, though, ridiculously easy to carry on a casual conversation without even raising your voice. The low volume somehow made it feel like the middle of the afternoon even though it was well after dark. It’s not a good look for a nightclub.

The Mcleod Residence, on the other hand, was bumping for DJ Paco’s monthly House Party last night. Granted, they have a much smaller room to bump, but at least you could hear some bass.

Zombies are Persistent

posted by on June 20 at 12:27 PM

Here is a one-minute video of a Capitol Hill man describing zombies.

That’s zombies as in zombies. The undead.

He says, “They’re going to knock on your door, and then they’re going to buzz your buzzer, and they’re going to keep buzzing.”


posted by on June 20 at 12:10 PM

As Line Out readers may have noticed, I’ve been on a bit of a Superchunk kick lately. Which got me thinking: Wouldn’t it be great if Superchunk were coming to Seattle this summer? Maybe to play some big music festival? Yeah, that would be pretty rad.

Soulja Boy to Ice T: “You Was Born Before the Internet Was Created”

posted by on June 20 at 11:22 AM

Soulja Boy responds to Ice T’s hip hop Andy Rooney-isms:

Tonight in Music: Happy Birthday Mamma, the Dandy Warhols

posted by on June 20 at 9:04 AM

emeraldsatcomet.jpgEmeralds photo by Jo Marie Riedl

Happy Birthday Mamma: The Emeralds, Nudity, Wallpaper
(Comet) If you’d have told me five years ago that the Comet Tavern would ever be taken seriously as a live music venue, I would’ve laughed in your face. That was before I really knew Michelle Smith—better known in some circles as Mamma Casserole—the incredible, vivacious force of nature who’s turned a dive bar with a shitty PA into a rock ‘n’ roll mecca. You’re unlikely to meet anyone who’s as tireless a supporter of great music or who’s as loved by the bands and people she surrounds herself with as Mamma. The Comet is her living room, and tonight we’re all invited over to help her celebrate her birthday with—what else?—a hefty helping of kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll. BARBARA MITCHELL

Click here to hear the Emeralds.
Click here to hear Nudity.
Click here to hear Wallpaper.

The Dandy Warhols classic “Not If You’re the Last Junkie on Earth”
The Dandy Warhols, the Upsidedown, Monstrous
(Showbox Sodo) Portland’s Dandy Warhols have released their sixth album, Earth to the Dandy Warhols, on their own label, Beat the World Records. It’s their same signature marching psych-pop drone, it’s just not Capitol Records psych-pop drone anymore. “We were totally done dealing with major-label incompetence,” says manager Lee Cohen. The band have reinvented themselves in another way, by getting science-fiction author Richard K. Morgan to write their bio. He talks about Mars and says, “Singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor is the ‘acceptable face’ of augmented humanity.” Space is a theme, with the sounds on the album and the artwork on the cover (a shot of the earth from orbit). Also, the stomping and gruff “Love Song” features big-name earthlings like Mark Knopfler and Mike Campbell from Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers. TRENT MOORMAN

And, from Earth to the Dandy Warhols:
“The World the People Together (Come On)”

Hey look! There’s more!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I’m Protesting the Protest Issue

posted by on June 19 at 5:10 PM

Under the Radar is making a big fuss about their new “Protest Issue.” I guess a bunch of artists were tapped to be photographed with signs about their own personal protest ideas or something. Here’s the problem:

Under the Radar unleashes 2008’s “Protest Issue”, using the time-honored connection between politics and music to promote political dialogue and awareness. The Protest Issue features two alternating collectable covers: one with R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe and Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock, the other with Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla, The Decembrists’ Colin Meloy, and Spoon’s Britt Daniel.

Don’t see it yet? How about now?


Notice any similarities between their cover models? Like, maybe how they are all white men?

I guess no one protested the lack of diversity in print media for the issue, so I’m taking up the cause. If you are going to go through the trouble of having two collectible covers, couldn’t you at least put Chuck D or Beth Ditto on there or someone? There’s plenty of room! A little tokenism would even be better than nothing.

Liveblogging the New Girl Talk Album

posted by on June 19 at 2:08 PM

0:00: You can’t start much stronger in 2008 than “International Players Anthem.” Pimp C RIP.

1:28: “Walk it Out” over what sounds like the music from Final Fantasy (not the band Final Fantasy).

3:20: First Lil Wayne appearance. Nice.

5:55: “Girl/Boy Song.” Man, this is gonna sound great if he lets the Aphex Twin beat break.

6:55: He doesn’t, though. Instead it cuts to “Young Turks,” which works fine.

7:20: In fact, Ahmad sounds poignant as hell over Rod Stewart. That’s a good move.

8:30: Blackstreet over “Flashing Lights.” Weird mental images of homicidal video ho offing a piano playing pupper.

10:40: Ace of Base.

11:40: “Here Comes My Baby” and “I Get Money.” That piano line kills in dude’s live show.

12:06: Beastie Boys riff into Busta Rhymes and an ‘80s track I should know better. Sounds totally dizzy and awesome.

14:14: “C.R.E.A.M.,” of course. This song kicks off one or two of Scientific American’s Mass.Dstrction mixes, which are worth checking out if you’re into this sort of thing—they’re a lot mellower/glitchier than our man Gillis, but still pretty fun, especially live.

15:15: “Forever-ever?”

15:45 That same Jackson 5 from the last Girl Talk, this time over Queen. You know, speaking of Scientific, one thing that’s interesting about his mixes is how each installment kind of builds and remixes the last. Each one is more like an iteration than a sequel. I kind of wondered how much of that would happen with Feed the Animals, how much Gillis would plunder his own old source material for new tracks here. So far, not so much.

16:30: Paranoid hustler Android. Perfect.

17:00: “And most importantly, you, the customer” So, how much did everyone pay of the this thing, anyway? And if you paid nothing, what excuse did you give?

18:56: “Come on Eileen” as early hip hop block party.

20:00 Missy Elliot over “I Can’t Wait”—more block party vibe. (Now would be a good time to plug Capitol Hill Block Party, I guess. Girl Talk’s here for it July 25th.)

21:13: Prolific samplers Public Enemy give way to the Andrea True Connection sample from Len’s “Steal My Sunshine.” Oh, Girl Talk, you’re so clever.

21:42: In fact, going from “More More More” to “Put That Pussy on Me” to “I Want You to Want Me” is pretty clever. This is the part of the mix where things get sexy (perhaps Gillis takes his shirt off).

22:19: Hey, Eminem actually sounds really good when he sneaks up on you out of context.

23:30: More Beastie Boys, sounding a little chipmunky.

24:04: ODB RIP. “Ghetto Superstar,” another heavily sample-dependant jam.

25:17: Metallica. God, people are going to get hurt this Block Party.

27:52: My timing may be drifting way off, but “Sexy Boy” is a hell of synth riff, always. And is that the intro groaning from “Connection” in the background?

29:40: There’s that Of Montreal track Girl Talk remixed.

A disclaimer: My timing may be totally fucked. I should’ve organized this track by track. Whatever. Further thoughts:

-Even in this context, I don’t want to ever hear “Low” again.

-I do, however, want to hear “Music Sounds Better With You.” Maybe even in its entirety.

-“Lithium” sounds great, always. Have I heard it mixed with “Push It” before somewhere, though? Maybe Girl Talk’s Chop Suey show? Do you think he’ll still close with “Scentless Apprentice”?

-Nice “God Only Knows” loop, but I could’ve stood for it to play out a little.

-R.Kelly and Chicago house go together like pee and underage girls.

-“Hustlin’” slammed up against “Rebel Rebel.” God, I’m already totally exhausted by this thing. Oh, there’s “Doo Doo Brown.” Oh shit, here’s “Boyz.” Fuck.

-Soothing Cranberries Ireland tourism tv commercial riff.

-Quad City DJs

-“Since U Been Gone” totally slays. I’m sorry. Its chorus is like “Don’t Stop Believin’” levels of anthem, even if its total Wal*Mart rock. I wonder if people will want to hear it at dance nights 20 years from now.

-Ok, this jazzercize pumped version of “Jessie’s Girl” is too much.

-“Born Slippy”—man, that is another track I might just go listen to in its entirety after I wrap this up.

-The inevitable Soulja Boy. (“YOUUU!”) Now with electric guitars.

-More Weezy: “Lollipop” (man, I am so not into that song—I understand, from a commercial perspective, why it exists, but it still totally stifles all the best parts of Wayne, turning him into r&b robot where he once was freestyle rap Martian) made maudlin by Red Hot Chili Peppers (I think) acoustic guitar balladry.

-And the outro is…”International Players Anthem.” Well done.

Final thoughts after this first listen: Of course, it doesn’t shock and awe like Night Ripper, which just took Hollertronix and 2 Many DJs to such an absurd level that it was kind of unfathomable, and unfuckwithable, at the time. In fact—and this may just be the result of obsessively cataloging this thing or it may just be the record—nothing really stands out now that I think back on the last hour or so. There are some good cuts in there, sure, but I can’t think of a moment as skin-tingling as Biggie rapping over “Tiny Dancer,” for instance. I know Girl Talk is really big on the “I’m not a DJ” thing, but absent the surprise factor of Night Ripper, this thing feels a lot less like an original album than a really hyperactive mix CD. I still expect Girl Talk to be completely bananas live, of course—his live show easily ranks in my top 10 of the past few years—but I’m not sure on first glance how hard I’ll be pumping this record this summer.

Superchunk Song of the Day: “Detroit Has a Skyline”

posted by on June 19 at 12:52 PM

Part two in a series, this one’s from the band’s recent concert for Obama in their home state of North Carolina:

Team Gina at the War Room

posted by on June 19 at 12:49 PM


by Blush Photo

What You’ve Been Waiting For

posted by on June 19 at 12:36 PM

Long and hard thought has finally produced an answer to this question: What is the greatest rap record in the history of hiphop?
rakim-1.jpg The answer? It’s one you can’t disagree with: “Follow the Leader” by Eric B. and Rakim.

Everything that is great about hiphop is in that track: futurism, lyricism, politics, modernism, and experimentalism. It’s at once a revolution in sound and a reaffirmation of traditional hiphop themes and tropes. And it’s spacy sample and hyperdrive beat transport the listener to a vector of the imagination that is outside of the limits of time. The track will never grow old.

Funhouse: Controlling the Tone

posted by on June 19 at 12:33 PM

funhousesign.jpgThe Funhouse is a Seattle venue known more for its power than its grace. It is a Seattle heart and home for punk and rock. Bands and fans cherish it as place to gather, consume, and destroy things in the blessed confines of their volume. Poundage is of speakers and beer.

Funhouse sound engineer Nicholas Evans is with us today to talk about how he runs the sound:

How do you contain the power there? I guess you can’t contain it, you can only hope to contain it.
Nicholas: Just recently our sound has improved dramatically with the addition of the new stage and upgraded monitoring system. Many of the elder bands have remarked on the improvement of the sound on the stage and the sound of the room. I think the room is sounding great and bands seem really pleased.

Scary clowns scare the ever living hell out of me. Does the Funhouse clown scare you?
Pauses, no answer.


(Picture by Alexander.)

Ok, so the clown doesn’t scare you, what kind of problems do you run into there?
Mostly the usual stage problems, a cable or a DI go bad, sometimes the occasional microphone dies, nothing major. The system is pretty well set up, with routine maintenance and cleaning it’s kept in shape.

What are the basic specs of the Funhouse system?
A 16 channel Yamaha mixer, EV mains and monitors, also powered Mackie monitors. For microphones mostly SM-57’s and 58’s, I’ll bring gear in from the studio if it’s needed for certain nights.

Do you deal with a lot of bands that are too loud?
No, it’s not that bands are too loud. It’s more the fact that they can’t or haven’t controlled the tone behind the volume. Plenty of good bands are really loud, but they have dialed in a good tone. A good tone can be tolerant at most levels. When I work at my recording studio during the day, I focus on building the bands a really good tone. When I do sound at the Funhouse, it’s the same thing. Build the best tone possible within the time I am given. My job as an engineer is as much of an art as the music being heard.

Tonight at Funhouse: Thee Headliners (PDX), the Bill Collectors, The Bugs (PDX), Oblio Duo, 9:30pm, $5

Saturday it’s Slats and his Pain Cocktail.

Here is Bloodhag at Funhouse ’06:

Andrew Bird (ft. Dianogah) - “Lull”

posted by on June 19 at 11:46 AM

Though “Lull” originally appeared on the 2003 record Weather Systems, this version was re-recorded last year for a Daytrotter session with the double-bass backing of fellow Chicagoans Dianogah. This song’s got one of my favorite Bird lyrics: “I’m all for moderation / but sometimes it seems / moderation itself can be a kind of an extreme.” Andrew Bird’s got a squid on his side. How does that grab you?

More Bands Added to Bumbershoot Line-Up

posted by on June 19 at 11:18 AM

As of today, Bumbershoot 2008’s line-up now includes the Offspring, Nada Surf, Old 97s, and Flobots.

More artists will be announced in July. Here’s the latest full line-up:

Beck / Stone Temple Pilots / T.I. / The Offspring / Keyshia Cole / Lucinda Williams / Neko Case / Paramore / Band of Horses / The Black Keys / Nada Surf / Ingrid Michaelson / Del Tha Funky Homosapien / Jakob Dylan / !!! / Mike Doughty / Old 97’s / Xavier Rudd / Anti-Flag / Minus the Bear / M. Ward / Lee “Scratch” Perry / Man Man / Joe Bonamassa / Saul Williams / Brother Ali / Battles / Aiden / The Walkmen / Kid Sister / Sons and Daughters / Asylum Street Spankers / Unearth / Estelle / Dan Deacon / Blitzen Trapper / Sondre Lerche / Bedouin Soundclash / Scary Kids Scaring Kids / Tim Finn / Dale Watson / The Whigs / John Vanderslice / Flobots / Thao with The Get Down Stay Down / Final Fantasy / Adele / The Fall of Troy / Orgone / Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles / Forro in the Dark / These Arms Are Snakes / The Blakes / Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby / Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses / Pacifika / Arthur & Yu / Darondo & Nino Moschella / Ian Moore / Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands / Barcelona / Kinski / Throw Me The Statue / J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science / Tyrone Wells / Howlin Rain / Monotonix / The Shackeltons / West Indian Girl / Star Anna / Ravens & Chimes / Hadley Caliman Quintet featuring Thomas Marriott / Grynch / Joshua Morrison / The Hands / Matt Jorgensen +451 / PWRFL Power / Chester French / The Girls

I’m still more excited about the Block Party…

Visit for tickets/more information.

Tonight in Music: Happy Birthday Macklemore, Obelus, the Fratellis

posted by on June 19 at 11:15 AM

Macklemore celebrates his birthday at Chop Suey tonight with performances from Evan Roman and Xperience, Pigeon John, Cancer Rising, Tha Stahi Bros, and DJ BeanOne.

Macklemore playing live at Chop Suey (video by quvuongoc).

Happy Birthday!

Also tonight:


Obelus, Lusine, Logic Probe, ndCv, Tarlton
(Nectar) Obelus’s new Conduit Records release, Montana, is a collection of instrumental ambient siftings. It’s not really something you put on to listen to; it’s something you put on to hear. The album is open, yet gathered. Guitars and synths are elongated and ruffled with clatter. Duo Jason Goessl and Adam Pessl compose tracks with samples and beds of sound. Gentle activations of imagery slowly seep out of the speakers, and repeat listens unravel their faces and plot. This CD- release show will feature vocalist and collaborator Caitlin Sherman. Obelus had an experience in Big Sky, Montana, and they captured it with long, flat, horizons of audio. TRENT MOORMAN

Donte Parks has more to say about the new Obelus record in his column, Bug in the Bassbin:

If you’ve ever wondered what Big Sky Country sounds like, this is the release for you—its lush, spacious improvisations deftly balancing drone, glitch, and silence. It’s a departure from Obelus’s more drum-centric fare, but the duo have always cast a wide creative net. Obelus invoke a bit of vinyl purity with this album, releasing the recording solely on limited-edition green vinyl.

Obelus have always emphasized live performance, and perhaps the best way to experience Montana is to see the duo onstage with MIDI guitar and drums, playing off of one another and the audience. They’ll be doing that this Thursday at Nectar, with a bill rounded out by Logic Probe, Brett Bullion, ndCv, and a DJ set by Lusine. With all those forward-thinking artists on the same bill, the night sounds like an installment of retired weekly Oscillate.

“Big Sky”


The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger (live)
The Fratellis
(Neumo’s) There’s nothing all that bad about Glasgow’s the Fratellis, though their list of crimes runs deep on paper. They probably got their name from sacred ’80s movie The Goonies (though they still maintain that it’s actually the name of one of the dudes in the band) and, according to Wikipedia, they got signed after only nine gigs. They’re not exactly original—their boisterous rock ‘n’ roll anthems don’t offer anything we haven’t already heard from the Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, or Louis XIV. But there are worse things than imitation, and they play their solid, popped-up garage revivalism well. Although they’ve had a lot of success in the UK, they’re still struggling to find the same fame in the U.S. Probably because there’s nothing all that bad about them. Maybe once they get involved in some kind of scandal, they’ll be huge, but a band this generic can’t exist on music alone. MEGAN SELING

Today’s Music News

posted by on June 19 at 11:06 AM

Take that, Axl: Chinese Democracy leaks

Thank Radiohead: New Mercury Rev album available as free download

Oh Jeez: Young Jeezy arrested for DUI

79 Cent: Taco Bell attempting to lure 50 Cent into lame marketing scheme

From the mouth of the King: Info on new Slayer album

Canada does right: Canadian artists make a stink over proposed copyright law

New Faces Sign to Loveless

posted by on June 19 at 10:59 AM

New Faces won Sound Off 2008 earlier this year, and their success just keeps going—the Port Townsend trio just signed to Loveless Records.


Their new full-length, Two Years, will be released on August 26th. You can see them at the Block Party on Saturday, July 26th.

Congrats, kiddos (and I do mean kiddos, they’re the youngest band on Loveless’ roster).

Hear New Faces here.

500 - Internal Server Error

posted by on June 19 at 10:48 AM


Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

Any price grants the download of the entire album as high quality mp3s. $5 or more includes the album as high quality mp3s, plus the album as one long track, which is how Gillis intended for people to listen to the album. $10 or more includes all of the above and a packaged CD when its available in September.

Girl Talk plays the Capitol Hill Block Party Friday July 25th

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RE: The Oldest School aka Manchester Computer Music

posted by on June 18 at 3:42 PM

Yesterday I was trying to come up with a good reason to post a video of a very sweaty Tony Wilson discussing the importance of the computer and synth technology in Manchester music. Now Charles has given me one. I believe the computer in the background in this video is the same one that was used to record the Ba Ba Black Sheep and In The Mood bits. I could be wrong but so what. It’s still great to see Tony sweating like a pig, answering a phone call from his son Oliver and singing the praises of New Order. Wish you were here with us now Tony.

This clip reminds me that Mr. Anthony H. Wilson deserves both the “genius” and “wanker” tags.

The Oldest School

posted by on June 18 at 2:53 PM

Going back to where the future began:

A scratchy recording of Baa Baa Black Sheep and a truncated version of In the Mood are thought to be the oldest known recordings of computer generated music.

The songs were captured by the BBC in the Autumn of 1951 during a visit to the University of Manchester.

The recording has been unveiled as part of the 60th Anniversary of “Baby”, the forerunner of all modern computers.

The tunes were played on a Ferranti Mark 1 computer, a commercial version of the Baby Machine.

For a listen, go here.

Sights From Last Weekend’s Georgetown Music Fest

posted by on June 18 at 2:40 PM

georgemsled.jpgMs. Led

georgecancer.jpgCancer Rising

georgebadthings.jpgThe Bad Things



georgehelms.jpgHelms Alee

georgekindness.jpgThe Kindness Kind


Poll: Max Roach and The Meth Man

posted by on June 18 at 12:36 PM

Less is more, unless you snort meth before you kill and make love to your drum pads. Or if you are Max Roach, your less is still more and you wear a tie. Below are two examples of touch, finesse, and quickness in action.

The incredible-indelible Max Roach did more on a hi-hat than most death metal drummers do on their entire monster kit:

Meth Man snorts drugs, wears red, shoots cats with BB guns, and plays his drum pads at cartoon-like speeds. I can’t tell if the footage is sped up or not. Even if the footage is sped up, his drummer face is still noteworthy:

Who do you like more?

Will Meth Man ever be arrested for domestic violence?

Does having sex with animals ever cross Meth Man’s mind?

Ice T to Hunt Soulja Boy For Sport in the Woods

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Journey On The Starship

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Norman Connors

Norman Connors has always been one of those artists that I’ve always wanted to get into, however until very recently have never heard a song that really moved me. This all changed when I picked up a copy of his 1977 Romantic Journey LP which featured of the best songs that I have heard in quite sometime with “Once I’ve Been There”. This cut, which is the album’s single, is definitely more upbeat and danceable then many of his more, should I say, “baby-making” love themed cuts. After enjoying this track, I became very interested in hearing more records by Connors, and with this newly found interest, I also picked up the This Is Your Life LP which seemed to come out shortly after the Romantic Journey record. With one listen, I immediately fell in love with the more laid back “Love-boat” grooving opener in “Stella”. Even though it’s still not really dancefloor friendly, I find that it’s just the kind of song I would love to hear on a hot Sunday afternoon. Regardless, I was finally won over by Mr. Connors and his Starship Orchestra with these two cuts.

Download Mp3’s of both Norman Connors’ “Once I’ve Been There” and “Stella” tracks and more by visiting here.

Also, here disco classics like these and many more all night long tonight at Havana.

Two Gallants at the Tractor

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by kjten2

Tonight in Music: Snoop Dogg, Brian Kenny Fresno, Frightened Rabbit, Be Your Own Pet

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213 (Snoop Dogg & Warren G) - “Groupie Luv” (G-Funk Remix)
Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Tha Dogg Pound (Daz and Kurupt), Westurn Union, Warzone, Mistah F.A.B.
(Showbox Sodo) Snoop Dogg takes his role as curator of West Coast rap dead serious, pimpin’. A couple years back he brokered the Western Conference, where a lot of long-standing beefs and misunderstandings among Golden State artists were squashed. Now, his West Fest tour is bringing that good ol’ G Shit to your front door. Included on this show—among some of the brightest Cali all-stars (Dogg Pound, Warren G) and up-and-comers (Fabby Davis Jr.)—is the supergroup Warzone, which consist of Tha Eastsidaz’s Goldie Loc, Ice Cube’s fiery onetime protégé Kam, and that OG from Compton’s Most Wanted, MC Eiht. Well po’ the drank and crease my goddamn khakis, I’ma be there like GYEAH! LARRY MIZELL JR
Brian Kenney Fresno - “Queen of the Goth Scene”
J. B. Beverley & the Wayward Drifters, Brian Kenny Fresno, Howlin’ Houndog
(Funhouse) My hometown of Fresno, California, doesn’t have a helluva lot going for it. A sprawling suburban/agricultural wasteland in the middle of the state, it’s the birthplace of K-Fed and both the punch line and star of Fresno: The Miniseries, an early ’80s spoof of Falcon Crest that featured Carol Burnett and Dabney Coleman. All hail Brian Kenney Fresno, a Fresno-dwelling, Warr-guitar-wielding goofball who writes odes to Yngwie Malmsteen, car thefts, and local Mexican joints. His hilariously retarded sense of humor, his penchant for dorky sing-alongs, and the boredom required to attain technical mastery of an obscure (and uncool) instrument could only have come from one gloriously unglamorous place. Finally—a reason to say “eff yes” to “F***no”. BARBARA MITCHELL
Frightened Rabbit - “Head Rolls Off”
Frightened Rabbit, Oxford Collapse, Tu Fawning
(Nectar) I’m tempted to deem Frightened Rabbit the precise halfway point between Bloc Party’s modern twists on British postpunk and the Frames’ starry-eyed radio pop. But I should know better. Not because the statement’s inaccurate; really, the aggression and hookiness of Frightened Rabbit split the above difference, and the best of those two bands meld here into a talented, up-tempo, but largely forgettable rock act. It’s just that FR’s Scottish. Calling them the median between a huge band from London and a huge band from Ireland is just asking for a national-pride pub brawl, innit? To tempt fate, I’ll be in the corner in a Man-U jersey drinking a pint of Harp… and probably bobbing along to the band’s shamelessly catchy pub rock. SAM MACHKOVECH
Be Your Own Pet - “The Kelly Affair”
She Wants Revenge, Be Your Own Pet, the Virgins, Switches
(Showbox at the Market) Just weeks before Tennessee’s Be Your Own Pet were set to release their new album, Get Awkward (a follow-up to the critically acclaimed self-titled debut), Universal swooped in and censored the band’s punk-rock party anthems by pulling some of the album’s strongest songs, citing “violent lyrics.” In the track “Black Hole,” for example, singer Jemina Pearl promises, “Eating pizza is really great/so is destroying everything you hate!” Grrr! Scary! Ahem. Press copies had already gone out by that time, so the songs aren’t hard to find (and are worth hearing—”Black Hole” is great to jump around to). And just weeks ago, XL Recordings gave the tunes the respectful release they deserved by putting out Get Damaged, a BYOP EP that includes the controversial songs “Becky,” “Black Hole,” and “Blow Yr Mind.” MEGAN SELING

Find more shows listed in our online calendar.

Today’s Music News

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Internet backlash pt. 1: Kid Rock boycotts iTunes

Internet backlash pt. 2: Gene Simmons hates the Radiohead distribution model

Appropriate band names: Blacklisted banned from Canada

Slow news day: Fear Factory reunite

Take that, Kanye: Lil Wayne sells over a million albums in first week

There ain’t shit on TV tonight: Pete Wentz’s new show gets panned

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go… Team Gina!

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Fierce femmes and synchronized swimmers, I mean synchronized dancers Team Gina have a brand new disc out today, Products of the Eighties, on Don’t Stop Believin’ Records. They also have a brand new locally shot and directed video for new song Rock The Like

There’s a CD release show tonight, 9 pm, at the War Room. I’ve yet to see them live, but I’m told seeing *is* believing. Bow chica wow-WOW.

The Amazing Moog Guitar

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I’m surprised Trent hasn’t posted this yet (if someone did, I missed it). Moog introduced their own guitar recently. Key selling point: infinite sustain. I’m no guitarist, but after watching this video even I’m excited about this piece of gear (Wired calls it “badass”. I can’t wait until Thurston Moore and some post-rockers get ahold of it. Watch this and be blown away. Guitarists, feel free to explain to me what this means to you, because all I’m seeing is the work of wizards.

Nice ‘N’ Ugly

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Theo Parrish might be best known for his classic techno productions that he has been releasing for years through his label, Sound Signature Sounds, however some of us disco enthusiasts, like myself, might be more familiar with a different side of the Michigan native. Throughout the past decade, Parrish has been the mind behind the white-label project known as Ugly Edits, which is a 12” series of his soul, funk, and disco re-edits. During the last few years he has edited classics like Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes’ “The Love I Lost”, Willie Hutch’s “Slick”, Brainstorm’s “Journey To The Light”, Etta James’ “In The Basement”, Sylvester’s “Dance (Disco Heat)” and many many more. I haven’t heard all of the edits, however, from the many that I have been able to listen to my personal favorite would be his edit of GQ’s 1980 album cut “Lies”. On this edit, Parrish takes the finest moments of the five and a half orginal and creates an eight minute-plus boogie, removing the original’s weaker reoccurring chorus and re-focusing the song on the tracks funky back beat groove and verse vocals. I find that these 12” Ugly Edits are at times hard-to-find and could cost you a pretty penny compared to many other disco re-edit 12” singles, however, that being said, Theo Parrish puts together some of the most interesting and unique disco edits out there.

Download Theo Parrish’s edit of GQ’s 1980 cut “Lies” and much more by visiting here.

New Music in Stores Today: Wolf Parade, Silver Jews, Coldplay, Tilly and the Wall, My Brightest Diamond, and More

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Wolf Parade At Mount Zoomer (Sup Pop)

“Call it a Ritual”

“Language City”

Wolf Parade play Sub Pop’s anniversary party July 13th at Marymoor Park


Coldplay Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends (Capitol)

Watch the video for “Violet Hill” from the new album:


Silver Jews Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (Drag City)

Hear three new songs from the album at the band’s MySpace, and click here to see the Silver Jews perform live for


Tilly and the Wall o (Team Love)

“Pot Kettle Black”

Tilly and the Wall play Neumo’s Saturday, July 5.


My Brightest Diamond A Thousand Shark’s Teeth (Asthmatic Kitty)

“Inside a Boy”

Pause & Play has more new releases. There’s also a new Reggie and the Full Effect album out today called Last Stop: Crappy Town. But from the handful of songs I’ve heard, it should just be called Last Stop: Crappy.

“Night Fever”

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bubble1.jpgThere are two bubbles.

One is made from sea foam inches off the water of the Atlantic Ocean. The other is from a bubble machine in a single man’s apartment. He’s sleek and modern and anal. He says he knows Irvine Welsh. He’s a sycophantic Euro-party metro-fashion clown. This night, he’s lured a woman back to his place. He throws a switch and a wet bar is illuminated under thin track lighting.

The single man puts on the Bee Gees “Night Fever” and impresses the girl
with talk about vortexes. He turns on the bubble machine and makes her
another sex on the beach. The view of the city is danced to.

“Night fever, night fever. We know how to do it.”

The bubble in the Atlantic floats above the unsuspecting head
of a baby sea lion that’s strayed from the pack. The little grey
animal is about to be swallowed whole by a fifteen foot long
great white shark swimming up as hard and fast as it can.
The great white’s mouth is so open the only thing that will touch
that sea lion is the back of the shark’s throat, where acids begin
to melt the brain of the baby still tasting its mother’s milk.

“Night fever, night fever. We know how to show it.”

Death Cart For Cutie

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Death Cab is this week’s featured band in MTV’s “52 Bands/52 Weeks” campaign. Here’s a look at the spots they filmed at the Whirlyball court in Edmonds:

It wasn’t until I head Nick Harmer scream “This is fucking terrible!” that I realized what a strong resemblance he bears to Zach Galifianakis, both in looks and anger inflection.

Matt & Kim, Yacht, No-Fi Soul Rebellion, Feral Children playing Noise for the Needy Benefit at Neumo’s

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feralchildren1.jpgFeral Children

feralchildren2.jpgFeral Children

nofisoul5.jpgNo-Fi Soul Rebellion

nofisoul1.jpgNo-Fi Soul Rebellion




mattandkim2.jpgMatt & Kim

mattandkim3.jpgMatt & Kim

mattandkim.jpgMatt & Kim

mattandkim5.jpgMatt & Kim


Tonight in Music: The Detroit Cobras

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Dax Riggs, John Barrett’s Bass Drum of Death
(Sunset) Louisiana’s Dax Riggs has been a rock star in waiting for years. His resonant, crooning vocals and death-obsessed lyrics are compelling and unmistakable, but he’s gone through bands quicker than some people change their underwear. First there was the NOLA sludge-metal band Acid Bath; next the drugged-out, ’70s-glam-inspired Agents of Oblivion; and then Deadboy & the Elephantmen—which released two completely different albums with completely different lineups (except for Riggs). Perhaps wisely, Riggs has finally gone solo, issuing We Sing of Only Blood or Love last year on Fat Possum. His most “pop” album yet, We Sing blends the soaring melancholy of the earlier Deadboy lineup with the bluesy rock of later Deadboy, and somehow it works. And man, this guy can still sing. WILL YORK

Click here to listen to Dax Riggs.

The Detroit Cobras - “Cha Cha Twist”
The Detroit Cobras, Les Sans Culottes
(Neumo’s) The Detroit Cobras make sturdy-as-hell, rah-rah punk. It’s fast and comes in bunches. Singer Rachel Nagy is a Motor City garage goddess—she’s honeyed, honed, seasoned, and ballsy. Her vocals never miss. I’d say she’s pro, but that’s not sexy enough. Nagy is just on, and you sort of want her to whip you. And let it be noted that she was ’60s retro before Winehouse ever was. Nagy can sing songs about “doing the twist” because the throwback isn’t forced. The crowd might not do the twist, but they will spin and spill beer in a similar fashion. When someone is cool, there’s no other way to say it: Rachel Nagy is cool. When a band completely kicks ass, there’s no other way to say that, either: The Detroit Cobras completely kick ass. TRENT MOORMAN

Rude, Where Are You?

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What ever happened to Rik Rude?
l_6457aaaf1c16bd9e818dc13ac8b6019c.jpg What happened to his album Diamond Pistol Rap? Was it ever released? So sad for Seattle to lose such a talented rapper. His mixed tape Cigar Rock Star was packed with future greatness.

Today’s Music News

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Album no. 2000: Robert Pollard starts new band

No Peter Cetera, no care: Chicago releases new album after sitting on a shelf for 15 years

Only the good die young: Motley Crue streams full album online

Selling out pt. 1: Nike releases Alkaline Trio shoes

Selling out pt. 2: Os Mutantes sell Big Macs

This Belongs

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I don’t think I need to explain this. When I watched this for the first time this morning, I was gagging/crying.

Nomi, the lead singer LIVES for me in that wig. Those eyes, that (actual) man’s voice. Shayne of Hood by Air (whose clothes I absolutely adore and are featured here) is giving me a Kwamé effect with that blond wedge. There’s voguing, animated geometrical backgrounds, mystical overtones, glassware, references to videos I remember watching on BET when I was 13. Everything I ever loved about music, fashion, dancing, life—they’re in this video. It’s both nostalgic and very now.

For me, this is the most iconic video I have seen in x years, to say nothing of the songwriting and production. If you’re not on the Hercules and Love Affair tip, you will be soon, along with rest of the world.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Emerald City Nipperishi

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babypowder2.jpgDJ Mike Nipper from Emerald City Soul Club is a vinyl maharishi. He broke down the latest installment of the monthly Lo-Fi dance night:

How was this past Saturday?
Nipperishi: Packed and sweaty. Like they all are. And fun. Sweaty fun.

What were some cuts that you spun? Do you pre-arrange your sets?
I went with Contours “Baby Hit and Run” and Connie Clark’s “My Sugar Baby.” Let’s see, I also played a ballad, “I Love You More” by Lee Williams and the Cymbals.

I kinda put my choices in order. For an hour set, that’s 25 to 30 sides. I always assume I will be buzzed when I spin so the pre-arranging helps give some structure and is good for pacing. I like to dance when I DJ. I’d rather not have to get too bogged down with digging through the crate looking for what to play.

Y’all put baby powder on the dance floor to enhance dancing movement. What kind of baby powder works best?
Any talcum powder works. I try to get the non-scented, but sometimes that’s hard to find. We go through one of those giant bottles every time. That floor needs to be good and slick. For proper, traditional Northern Soul dancing, there needs to be room. The dancing is more a shuffle, more a left to right, less of an up and down. I recently went dancing in Chicago on a painted cement floor and my knees still hurt.

Speaking of space, Emerald City Soul Club seems to fill Lo-Fi to capacity. Have you all thought of moving to a bigger space? To have more left to right?
We do fill that place up and it would be nice to have some more room. But at this point, I can neither confirm nor deny any statement about moving.

But you can confirm the fact that the 1964 Gloria Jones version of “Tainted Love” is better than the 1981 Soft Cell version, right?
Yes, I can confirm that.

It’s Time for Pride!

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From flickr user Rob Gruhl

Want to see your Gay Pride event listed in The Stranger’s comprehensive guide? Anything can get in, as long as it’s celebrating homosexuality and open to the public, so yes, your costumed bowling night counts.

Send an email with all the details (time, date, place, gay-osity) to as soon as possible to be included!


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Idolator’s got a pretty good comments thread going about Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme’s recent outburst at Oslo’s Norwegian Wood music festival (curiously, not a lot of “your a fag” in those registration-required comments).* Short story: kid throws a bottle at Homme; Homme calls him a “fucking pussy,” a “chickenshit faggot,” and “dickless turd,” after promising to “buttfuck [him] in front of all [his] friends” and before having security hoist the kid up so Homme can throw the bottle back at him. How droll! (Then he says the name of that one song his band does, the one you gave a shit about for maybe a minute and a half some years ago.)

*The discussion so far seems to hinge on what’s worse, using “faggot” and “buttfuck” as an epithet and a threat respectively or throwing a bottle at a giant douchebag.

Don’t Grit Your Teeth

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Apropos of nothing beyond it being stuck in my head for days—stuck as in filling up every pause in conversation, every silent moment, even internally drowning out audible real-world music—and also because it’s a great video (see also: “Sugarcube”), Superchunk’s “Watery Hands”:

The Plato of Northwest Hiphop

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What does Sabzi have to say about Obama?

Saba on Obama? He’s not Jesus.

Sabzi recognizes the significance of Obama in American political history, but he still thinks he is a part of the capitalist system, and that the social problems American’s faced in the past will continue to confront them in the future, with or without Obama. Sabzi wants nothing less than a revolution, a complete transformation of the society. He is the Plato of local hiphop.

I care about the presidential as much I care about spectator sports. It makes a lot of the noise, but in the end it’s all about nothing. I support people caring about politics, but the changes we need have to be more than those who are running at the top. I don’t know how you can change an economy by operating within the belly of the beast… I don’t see how that is possible.

How can one not help but admire Sabzi’s determination! A party is raging all around him, people of all colors can’t believe we might have a black president in just six months, but Sabzi doesn’t break, he’s a lefty from iron crust to core.

Is Chris Martin Ripping Off Other People’s Songs?

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The subject first came up when Coldplay’s last album X&Y was released and the melody for the single “Talk” was exactly the same as the melody from Kraftwerk’s “Computer Love.” That confusion was quickly cleared up though when Martin explained that he loved the riff so much he had actually asked and gotten permission from Kraftwerk to use it as an international pop single.

Martin’s songwriting tactics are once again in question for the title track of their new release Viva la Vida. Brooklyn band Creaky Boards claim Martin saw them perform at CMJ in 2007 and lifted the melody from one of their songs for “Viva.” They’ve laid the whole thing out in this video:

There is a pretty striking similarity, but Coldplay claim they wrote their song before Martin could have had the chance to rip it off. From the Guradian UK:

Coldplay have denied the allegation, saying that their track was written and demoed in March 2007, a full six months before Creaky Boards say Chris saw them play. In fact, it now transpires that Chris Martin might not have been at the gig at all. A Coldplay spokesperson said that Chris Martin was recording at Air Studios in London during 2007’s CMJ, and so couldn’t possibly have been in the crowd.

Today’s Music News

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Update on the death of the record industry: RIAA raises settlement costs for subpoenaed students

The ego has landed: Kanye West bums out Bonnaroo

Appropriate band names: Escape The Fate’s original singer on the lam from the law

The descent continues pt. 1: Metallica brings you Death Magnetic

The descent continues pt. 2: Stone Temple Pilots sued by their label

Real Girl Talk

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Girl Talk has posted a new track up on his myspace page, called, “I.” While it’s not the embarrassing rudimentary mash-ups of the fake Feed the Animals leak, the song isn’t exactly promising either. It sounds more like Gregg Gillis is aiming to shore up his much-discussed Merzbow fan bona fides, with its slurred vocal samples, echoing glitches, phased static, and low rumbling rhythm. Still, this could just be an intro track, or a goof, or, shit, maybe he’s gonna do a drone set at Capitol Hill Block Party. Who knows? At least the new album art (if that’s it) is fire.

Pop That Bottle of Cabernet

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photo by Hilary Harris

There’s a new song up on The Saturday Knights’ myspace- “Foreign Affair”, which snuck up and became one of my favorites off of the fit-to-drop Mingle LP. Peep it out if you know what’s good- Uncle Luke would approve of the beat. Barfly says ‘Cabaret’. Tilson raps Amy Winehouse song titles for an entire verse!
TSK open for RZA 6/24, and their CD Release is 6/27 at Nectar with Budos Band.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tonight in Music: My Philosophy Will Tell You Where to Go

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This week’s My Philosophy gives some props to two shows tonight: Talib Kweli playing at the Showbox at the Market for Noise for the Needy (pictured above), and Champagne Champagne playing at the Comet as part of the punk rock matinee (pictured below).

Click here to listen to Talib Kweli.

Click here to listen to Champagne Champagne.

champagnelive1.jpgPhoto by Rabid Child Images

The Donner Party

posted by on June 15 at 2:31 AM

Northgate. Hockey is playing in the back yard. The sound is dominating a block away. Someone gives Dylan a sheet of paper. On it is a little brown streak that was once four times bigger, wetter, inside a body, being a vas deferens, until it was cut out during a vasectomy. Now it is a gift. Dylan licks the paper clean.

This is a cannibalism party.
A Donner Party. There is an overturned fridge full of the remains of those who did not survive the winter. Dylan has eaten several of his fallen travelers. Man Burgers fry on the barbecue. No one has really touched the tofu baby. There is a bowl of brains. Small children are silhouetted in the windows of the house next door, undoubtedly confused.

In a neglected spider shed several people are having metal hooks pierced through their backs. The operation is sterile. Nothing else is. A man with bloody hooks shakes my hand. It’s sticky. The piercer tells him to keep his back away from people because he is “infected.” The man jokes about having AIDS. There are hooks sticking through his back. His hand was blood sticky. Are these people joking or did that guy just give me AIDS hand?

Continue reading "The Donner Party" »