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Monday, June 23, 2008

Blow Me Hot & Slow

posted by on June 23 at 14:35 PM


South Africa’s HOT R.S. (aka House Of The Rising Sun) could be credited for just about everyone’s favorite slow-tempo disco song with 1977’s “Slow Blow”. This track which has been edited by both Phantom Slasher and Prins Thomas (under the name Major Swellings) originally appeared on HOT R.S.’s debut self-titled record that featured a dark-italo cover version of The Animals’ popular classic, “House Of The Rising Sun”, which by the way, seems to have been covered by every disco group during the 70’s. This project was anchored by l egendary South African clarinetist Dan Hill and producer/percussionist Kevin Kruger, mind behind the disco project Disco Rock Machine of the late 1970’s. From what I know, HOT R.S. only released one more record in Forbidden Fruit in 1978, however their 1977 classic cut of “Slow Blow” still seems to be a favorite among many disco enthusiasts and producers.

I also came across a slightly different version of “Slow Blow” by the Bongo Disco System, which was renamed “Slow Disco”. I haven’t been able to find out anything about Bongo Disco System or the actual release. Does anybody have any information on this record?

Download HOT R.S.’s “Slow Blow” and “House of the Rising Sun”. as well as Bongo Disco System’s “Slow Disco” and more by visiting this site.

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