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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ladies on a Fence Are Surprisingly Awesome

posted by on June 30 at 14:54 PM

I figured I wouldn’t need a camera at the Jewelbox on Saturday. I’d seen the headliner more than a few times, and I assumed a review of the guy I’d just previewed would be redundant. But then local openers Ladies on a Fence, in their apparent first-ever gig, put on one of the most eyebrow-raising shows I’ve ever seen. This local male/female duo started the show in unassuming form, saying hi to parents in the crowd and readying a laptop full of backing tracks while standing in front of mics, seemingly bored. Had the trappings of a disaster already.

Within minutes, a Chinese dragon ran around on the stage amidst repeated shouts of “BIRTH A KING!” A few more costume changes—at one point, the duo was covered in black sheets before throwing them off to reveal matching Allen Iverson outfits, then plowed through the bizarre hip-hop number “Space Motown.” By the end, the male half of the duo had stripped to a skin-tight, body-length, rainbow-colored Speedo with a light-bulb attached to his head, while his female partner, draped in full-black Stevie Nicks attire, clutched a wooden stick and sang about purple healing crystals. The latter moment in a lousy cell phone photo:


This is what happens when people who watch too much Kids in the Hall start their own band. But the stuff was much more listenable than should be fairly expected from a band rife with theatrics and giggling, and the duo’s oddball humor rose far beyond punchlines. If the WTF genre of music is a real thing, then Ladies on a Fence—ha, that spells LOAF—might be on to something.

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i saw this show. it was severely impressive. they said it best themselves: "ladies on a fence is bitchin. they don't give a fuck about you." oh and they also have awesome tee shirts. go to their myspace and ask them for one. i am wearing one right now.

Posted by benjamin thomas-kennedy | July 1, 2008 2:01 PM

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