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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tonight in Music: RZA as Bobby Digital, the Blakes, Extra Golden

posted by on June 24 at 11:36 AM

RZA as Bobby Digital - “You Can’t Stop Me Now”

RZA as Bobby Digital is at the Showbox SoDo—Sam Mickens interrogated RZA for this week’s paper. Here’s a clip:

Do you feel like Bobby Digital is a format in which you’re looking at the more serious value of things like Marvel Comics—things that people might be real deep on as kids and then come to greater understandings of later in life?

Definitely, definitely. Marvel, that’s a great example because some of the shit in Marvel Comics came to life and shit. And the stuff that didn’t come to life still resonated so much in the thread of our society that you got movies making $250 million, $300 million in a couple of months, based on childhood fantasies and childhood ideas, you know what I mean?

I was reading something yesterday—my son was actually reading it to me, looking at the news, and he comes across a story about Obama. First, he’s looking at the entertainment news: He came across a story about Iron Man and Indiana Jones, and how they made $200 million or something like that in a couple of weeks. And then he went on to a story that said in the last 17 months, John McCain’s campaign only raised $117 million; meanwhile, Obama’s campaign had raised about $267 million in the last 16 months, which is less time, more money. That’s big, right? Yeah, but look at this—fucking Indiana Jones made that in three weeks! Iron Man did it in a month! So it’s like, yo, who’s the real stars and powers and minds and movers of our fucking world, na’ mean?

The Saturday Knights and Stone Mecca open.

As for tonight’s Up & Comings…

Extra Golden performing live (YouTube video by breakfastontour)
Extra Golden, the Staxx Brothers
(Nectar) Extra Golden were born from a three-hour international jam session in Nairobi between native musicians Otieno Jagwasi and Onyango Wuod Omari and American indie rockers Ian Eagleson—in Kenya to research a doctoral thesis on the country’s popular benga music—and Alex Minoff, both of the D.C. band Golden (Minoff also played in the Make-Up, Weird War, and Six Finger Satellite). The group released the results of that jam, Ok-Oyot System, shortly after Jagwasi’s death. The band recruited new members for live performances and to record follow-up album Hera Ma Nono but had difficulty getting the Kenyan musicians into the U.S. (a difficulty that was ultimately resolved with an assist from Barack Obama, leading to perhaps the first nonembarrassing song bearing the presidential candidate’s name, Hera Ma Nono’s “Obama”). More than just a corrective to all the critical hand-wringing about Vampire Weekend’s alleged musical colonialism, Extra Golden are benga translated with little more interference than some English-language lyrics and the arrangement of visas. ERIC GRANDY
The Blakes - “Don’t Bother Me”
The Blakes, the Broken West
(Neumo’s) Say hello and wave goodbye to the Blakes, as they make a brief stop in Seattle to rock your socks off, do some laundry, catch a couple nights of sleep in their own beds, and then head off to tour the UK with the Brian Jonestown Massacre. They say that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so by the time this nonstop touring machine next hits a Seattle stage (at Bumbershoot), they should pretty much qualify as a superpower—assuming they survive three-odd weeks of life with Anton Newcombe. Stop by to pay respects, slip ‘em some Prozac, and soak up some of the catchiest, most electrifying rock and roll to come out of Seattle in quite some time. BARBARA MITCHELL

Our online listings will tell you all about the rest.

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