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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tonight in Music: Xiu Xiu, the Juan Maclean, 31 Knots

posted by on September 10 at 9:30 AM

The Juan Maclean - “By The Time I Get To Venus”

Dave Segal has brought back his beloved electronic column Data Breaker! This week he talks about Bonkers!, XXXchange, and the Juan MacLean, who is playing Nectar tonight with Head Like a Kite. Says Segal:

Another reason to feel good about returning to the 206: DFA Records stalwart the Juan MacLean is bringing a live band to Nectar Lounge on Wednesday, September 10. The ex–Six Finger Satellite guitarist now elegantly rocks the “happy”-house/cosmic-disco business with emotional-robot verve. Able support comes from Seattle’s Head Like a Kite, who merge chunky funk beats with irresistibly hummable melodies and quirky textures, plinky Portland electro-pop craftsman Copy, and DJ Colby B.

31 Knots live (from all the way back in 1995)

Also tonight, 31 Knots play at the Sunset with Capillary Action and Quadrillon. Jeff Kirby gave their new album Worried Well four stars in this week’s paper.

And finally…

Xiu Xiu - “F.T.W.”
Xiu Xiu, Prurient, Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone
(Chop Suey) Xiu Xiu have accrued terabytes of praise through their stark, prickly orch rock and uncomfortably personal songs that cut to the marrow. I admire the Bay Area trio more than love them, largely due to Jamie Stewart’s fey yet stentorian vocals rubbing me every way but right. Whatever, he’s surely getting along fine without my approval. Prurient (Dominick Fernow) also emphasizes the uncomfortable, but mainly through scorched-earth frequency-fisting and death-throes larynx-laceration. Were the Marquis de Sade alive, he’d find Prurient a trifle overblown, although some of Fernow’s recent releases mute the madness a smidge. Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone’s spare, gently sinister folk songs serve as sonic salve for the wounds the other acts on this bill will inflict, but they have their own avant weirdnesses, too. DAVE SEGAL

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