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A Durational Spectacle

Alice Gosti Takes Over the Waterfront with a Marching Band, a Comical Choir, and Contemporary Dancers

The Oral History of Angels in America That's Making the Rounds

The Best Theater, Dance, and Comedy Events in Seattle This Summer

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance

The Things You Learn at Burlesque School

You Learn More at Seattle's Academy of Burlesque Than the Art of Taking It All Off—Although You Learn That, Too

The First Facet of the Many-Sided Diamond That Is the Intiman Theatre Festival

It's a Production of Lydia R. Diamond's Long, Juicy, but Somewhat Predictable Stick Fly

Oh Good, Someone's Making a Hamilton Porn Parody Called Hamiltoe

Playwright Peter Shaffer Died

Don't Tell Cherdonna Shinatra Who to Be

Make Sure to Catch Caught at Seattle Public Theater

The President of Cornish Is Going to Vegas

Navigating a Broken System in Bernie's Apt.

The Pacing Is Slow, but the Pathos of brownsville song (b-side for tray) Is Undeniable

I Turned Into a Puddle of Heart-Melt by the End

Noel Fielding Does America

The Mighty Boosh Star Finally Bring His Theatrical Stage Show to Seattle

I Don't Love a Parade

The Paradox of The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

A Play About Cheap Fun Is Neither as Fun nor as Cheap as Cheap Fun

The Best Theater, Dance, and Comedy Events in Seattle This Spring

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance

What's in Your Dressing Room, Robbie Turner?

We're Not Just Rooting for Robbie Turner to Win the New Season of RuPaul's Drag Race Because She's Our Local Girl—We're Rooting for Her Because She Is So Damn Talented

Do Presidential Assassins Have a Right to Be Happy?

There has never been a better time to stage Assassins, the Sondheim musical about presidential shooters, delusions of grandeur, and the ugly side of the American dream.
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