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What's Going On In This Photo?

(Formerly) Blue Video Watch

BREAKING: Congress Does Something

TMI Tuesday (Or, Where Can I Get a Sweatband?)

Want an Electronic Metronome?

What Else Will Make Drake Sad?

Benedict Cumberbatch Counts

Important Captain and Tennille Line Out Poll

Papa's Got a Brand New Gag: Coachella for Dads

This One's For Goldy

Merry Day After Winter Solstice

The Neverending Love for Blackface

Thankful, the Day After

What Is Going On In This Photo?

They Can't All Be Tommy Lee

Sacrilegious Lou Reed T-Shirt Alert

When Do You Read The Stranger?

Serving Drinks/Food/Beef Jerky in Mason Jars: Allow or Disallow?

Comfortably Thrum

The Funny Thing Here Is Supposed to Be...

What Are The New Classic Classics?

New MGMT Bores/Confuses on David Letterman

Here Is My Advice to William and Kate

Ask Fred Durst Anything

I Have Fond Memories of Rabid Bats

Don't Drive Anywhere AT ALL This Weekend

I Kinda Like Talking to Straight-Edge Kids

I Want to Go to There

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