fragrance.jpgThis morning, I met Gatsby of Cancer Rising (a.k.a. Larry Mizell Jr of My Philosophy) in the women's fragrance department at the downtown Bon Marche. Smells and body sprays moistened the Monday air and we spoke:

Why are we in the fragrance department? Why here?
Gatsby: Why not?

What were you for Halloween?
I was Fatty McBlipster: purple hoodie, tight jeans, Jordans, fanny pack, Raybans, rag around my neck and a U-lock, in my back pocket. Deliciously ironic, no? Probably not. I think most of the people that saw me thought it was just another day at the office. At one point I found myself standing outside of the Diplo show, and I think I was in danger of opening a hole in the fabric of space/time.

What was the best costume you saw?
Absolutely the girl dressed as Janelle Monae. I think it made her night when a car full of people raucously recognized her, and it certainly made ours.

How was Cancer Rising’s recent show at the J&M in Pioneer Square?
It fucking sucked. The top two reviews on the J&M's Citysearch page are tales of young ladies getting roofied.

When and where is your next show?
Let's see. November 19th at Nectar. We're (along with Grynch and Fatal Lucciauno) opening for Detroit's Royce Da 5'9", one of our favorite MC's of all time. We're pretty stoked for this. Royce is a beast. He used to be Eminem's protege long ago but for the last few years he could easily get in Em's ass IMHO.

What’s the latest in the world of Cancer Rising?
We’re sorting out beats, drinking beers, and taking it a day at a time. I made a funny lil clip-video for “Evryday Bidness” and now people on teh internets want me to make them for them as well. We also have another video, like a real one, about to debut for “Let's Start Some Shit”. We like to wait a year or two after releasing a record before the video's come out. Clever I know.

You have side projects, and side projects for your side projects.
Yes I do, I look for hustles everyday. Nite Owls with Barfly & Mr. Hill, and They Live! Nite Owls is going good, we've played some sweet-ass shows recently, and we're slowly but surely recording new songs. They live! is me and Bruce Illest a.k.a. Djblesone. We have an EP (The Dro Bots Saga) up for free download and so forth. You're definitely gonna hear more from us.

What is going through your mind right now?
My mind is a swirling miasma of scintillating thoughts and turgid ideas. And the smell of Anais Anais makes me think of Grace Jones riding a rhino through the Masai Mara. The rhino has armor on it. Jones is nude and greased.

* (Word spellcheck doesn't recognize the word roofied.)