Aaron Edge, that is. He’s the new drummer of the Tad Doyle-led Seattle group Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, replacing Eric Akre. (Edge—who was Himsa's founding guitarist—also toils as an editorial designer for the publication you’re reading right this instant. He also plays in these groups: Requin (bass), Hellvetika (all music/vox), and Tsuga (all music/vox). Feeling lazy yet?)

I haven’t heard much of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, but what I have caught bears resemblance to the de-tuned, speared-Mastodon guitar groan of early Earth with beats that hit you like slow-motion punches thrown in Hollywood thrillers. It’s kind of like delayed mortification, and it feels really good. Sometimes they let up on the gloom/doom and psych out on a more ethereal plane. But it still carries that patented Tad heaviness.

Forever is a long time, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth imply, and they’re just getting warmed up to provide the soundtrack for infinity’s gradual disintegration. (Hey, it's Friday and I have a wicked headache.)