Fact reports on the (maybe question mark maybe not) impending end of LCD Soundsytem. Let the rumor mill roll:

Hot Chip's ginger-mopped Al Doyle, who moonlights as guitarist for LCD Soundsystem, told BBC 6 Music that the latter project is "on permanent hold":

"I don't think James is going to do anything more under that name [LCD Soundsystem]. I think he'd like to do something with the same personnel possibly next year.

Meanwhile, Murphy has given an interview to the NME which apparently contradicts Doyle, and suggests the third LCD Soundsystem album is in its embryonic stages:

"I write all my music in my head, I never demo," claims Murphy, perhaps a little spuriously. "I get to a point where there are too many songs and I have to get them recorded. I recently felt that. I've got eight in my head - that's critical mass."

(ht: Idolator)