Going against all notions of economic common sense, Eric Lanzillotta from the Anomalous label/mail order business and Ri Be Xibalba and Tanith Lanzillotta from the band Forest of Grey have just opened a shop called Dissonant Plane. A music retail establishment. That doesn’t sell popular music. In late 2008. Ballsy.

Dissonant Plane is located inside of Resolution Audio at 5459 Leary Avenue NW in Ballard. (DP doesn’t have its sign up yet, so look for Resolution Audio’s. Call 206-784-5163 for more information.)

From Eric’s email:

What you will find here is a store selling things [CDs, DVDs, books] you won't find in other places in Seattle. [We specialize] in black metal, free improvisation, avant-garde classical, experimental, ambient, and many other regions. Our stock is small so far, but growing all the time and includes a lot of special items, including many out of print items from the archives of Anomalous Records.

My wallet just wept a little.