Uhhhh. I'm sorry. Regarding this. I mistook some random guy for P. Diddy. I saw P. Diddy on Tuesday, standing up shaking hands with someone who was sitting down, or at least I had a pretty good idea it was P. Diddy, and had a sense he was roughly in the area where the random guy was, and zoomed in on that area (in the photo Anthony found) to confirm with you, dear readers, knowers of everything, that I was identifying the rapper correctly, as I have very little idea what P. Diddy looks like, as my favorite band is Belle & Sebastian, and although you can argue this is an example of my Northwest-y "subtle racism" if you like, I think it just means I'm an idiot. In fact I think it reveals I am attracted to that random guy, for some reason. Sorry, guy, whoever you are, for being confused for a rich and famous person, or for being a rich and famous person I don't know.

And thanks for the help, you. The guy I believed to be P. Diddy, and still believe to be P. Diddy, is in the photo above, standing behind Mr. Washington.

⇒ Further reading on the subject of subtle Northwest "racism": David Schmader's brilliant, sincere regret in the 2008 Regrets Issue regarding two non-white performers he confused with one another, in the presence of one another.