The Whip - "Trash"

Late of the Pier, the Whip
(Chop Suey) First of all, let's take a moment to remember Jared Warren, Joe Preston, and Scott Jernigan's excellent band the Whip (RIP). This is not that band. Rather, this Whip are a foursome from Manchester, England, that carry that city's legacy of meshing vocal rock and electronic dance music on to pleasant but not always remarkable ends—certainly good enough to get a dance floor moving at peak hour, but maybe a little hard to recall all that well through the next morning's hangover. Depending on what dance floors you frequent (and, I suppose, the severity of your hangovers), you may know the Whip from their breakout 2006 single "Trash" (or its many remixes), a catchy, would-be-sing-along ("I wanna be trash" would be the sing-along part, not "And I have become the trigger for your gun"), which opens their hit-and-miss new album, X Marks Destination. ERIC GRANDY

The Cave Singers - "Helen"

Dr. Dog, the Cave Singers, Golden Boots
(Crocodile) I never got what was so great about Pretty Girls Make Graves—those guitar riffs that sounded like obnoxious alarms, the amped-up-on-amphetamines drums, the arbitrary shrieking... I mean, if I wanted to listen to Murder City Devils, I'd just put on some Murder City Devils. Derek Fudesco, PGMG's bassist, had been Murder City Devils' bassist, which is the first reason I listened to PGMG and the reason I never really gave the Cave Singers a listen, since he's now the Cave Singers' bassist. I realize this is fucked. In any case: stupid me. Recently, at about 4:00 a.m. at a small party in a house I'd never been to, the host put on a record that could only be described as perfect music for human beings—elemental, folky, gorgeous, as if time itself were one of the instruments, as if it were written by human nature, carried by a voice I haven't been able to get out of my head. "What is this?" I finally said, and the host said, "It's the Cave Singers," and I felt embarrassed for being two years late to this party. "I am in love with his voice!" someone else kept saying. The voice is Pete Quirk's, and it's Marty Lund on drums. These three guys know what they're doing and are exactly what you need at four o'clock in the morning. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

The Gold Filter - "Solid Gold"

The Presets, the Golden Filter
(Neumos) The Golden Filter made a splashy debut on the blogs last year with the self-aggrandizing "Solid Gold" ("Through the Golden Filter/See the golden light"), an Italo-disco confection as insubstantial as it is sweet. The song applies classic early-electro arpeggios to modern-sounding synths, buttressed by fainting digital-keyboard stabs and led by a shuffling, hand-clapping drum-machine beat. On top of all that are some dreamy, wispy female vocals that recall nothing so much as Goldfrapp, which is not a bad thing. (The song was accompanied by a gauzy, sun-saturated video clip that looks like it was shot by the same guy who did that M83 Urban Outfitters commercial.) Three other tracks posted to the Golden Filter's website repeat the trick of "Solid Gold" with less success, but the seemingly well-connected group's remixes of such acts as Cut Copy and Peter Bjorn and John are well worth checking out. ERIC GRANDY

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