Not even a week after Thom Yorke made an anti-album stir in a Believer interview—"None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again"—Radiohead has possibly loosed its second online-only song in seven days. "These Are My Twisted Words" is a five-minute song described thusly by music blog Consequence of Sound:

A rather strange post to the [unofficial Radiohead fan site] atease’s forum simply titled “New song leaked, These Are My Twisted Words” started a little bit of commotion earlier today. The song has since made its way around the yet, however, has yet to be officially confirmed or even explained by anyone close to the band.

The "nfo" file that accompanied the MP3 on P2P sites, made by some group called "Wall of Ice," was odd as well, complete with this Yorke-ish screed tucked into it. People are starting to wonder if the leak was intentional on the band's part:

i just wanted to reassure readers
that following representations
seeking confirmation
that before your very eyes
behind the wall of ice
that the box is not under threat
however they are set to remove
other boxes
in fact i have the list in front of me
i went to a briefing on their plans
and challenged them to tell me
exactly what the cost would be

they spoke in broad terms

No matter who made it, the song's solid. Groove-centered, yet relatively aimless, with an insatiable drumbeat and "Thom Yorke" going on about something-or-other. Seems very Hail to the Thief-y.