A few minutes ago, Blue Scholars pulled up next to Caffe Vita in an SUV, popped the trunk, plugged a mic into a PA, and played three songs from their new OOF! EP (available today at Vita). Only a couple (young, female) fans had been waiting at the cafe beforehand, poring over freshly bought copies of the new CD and giving updates to someone by cell phone, but once Geo and Sabzi set up a small crowd started to gather. Three kids rolled up on skateboards with the nicest video camera on hand (maybe a third of the crowd was shooting photos or video, whether by phone or camera). While Geo rapped, Sabzi mingled with fans and snapped photos of his own. "I don't have to do anything," he said, "just stand around." (He did also get on the mic to thank "all 20 people who showed up.") Geo ran through "Coo?," "Bananas," and "HI-808," all showing Sabzi's lately synth-ier but still classically soul-sampling production style. The double-time runs of "Coo?" struck me as pretty impressive when the guys played it out at SXSW this year, and it still sounds killer.


The dudes will be playing these secret shows all day long, leading up to a CD release party tonight at Ohana in Belltown. Next stop is the 42nd & the Ave at 1:15pm; updates at


Photos by Kelly O (video coming soon).