This Friday the Stranger is hosting its annual Genius Awards Party at the historic Moore Theatre. There's no award for musical genius, but every year we get some outstanding acts to entertain the official brainiacs, runners-up, and hangers-on. This year the line-up includes indie-pop smarty-pantses Throw Me the Statue, hiphop cut-ups They Live!, chillwave up&comers USF, and soulful collectors/selectors Emerald City Soul Club.

USF (formerly Universal Studios Florida) are opening the Genius Awards Party this year, and you can read all about them, their unexpected buzz, and the already much-maligned micro-genre "chillwave" in this week's music lead, Triumph of the Chill:

U.S.F. began in earnest only after the two moved apart and began collaborating by sending tracks back and forth to each other. In December of last year, while snowed in at their parents' houses in Edmonds and Magnolia, they recorded many of the tracks for their debut full-length, Ocean Sunbirds, in this manner. U.S.F. released their debut EP and played their first show in January of this year, and released Sunbirds in late June. By October 26, they had been featured on Pitchfork four separate times, twice for tracks from Sunbird, once for a remix of like-minded Florida act Blind Man's Colour, and once for an interview in the site's "Rising" column.

"Pitchfork approaching us was really cool," says Hargus. "I think it started with getting friended on MySpace by Ryan—what's his name?—Schreiber, the site's founder, then he Twittered about us, and they asked us for the record. It was definitely really cool and very unexpected."

The Stranger Genius Awards Party happens Friday, November 13th at the Moore Theatre, w/ Throw Me the Statue, They Live!, USF (Universal Studios Florida), and Emerald City Soul Club, $5, 8pm, 21+. Win free VIP tickets here.