Miles Freeborn, former member of local hardcore band Furious Styles, e-mailed last night to say that he and his former bandmates do no support the t-shirt released earlier this week, which refers to alleged cop-killer Chris Monfort as a hero. He also says the band has been broken up for six months, and the decision to design and release it was made solely by former singer Mike Torres.

He writes:

We, all previous members, would like to make it clear that we were unaware of the shirts actual existence until the recent media coverage. We were very unpleasantly surprised by this news due to the fact that we had never given the okay for its release and never would have. The idea had in fact been denied through a phone call weeks previously.

Furious Styles has been broken up for 6 months minus one reunion show played in August. We have had little to no contact with one another, especially not Mike Torres who quit the band to move to L.A.

Although it is apparent that Furious Styles has stood for a rigorous questioning of authority with our music and merchandise we do not celebrate the act that took place on Halloween eve against officer Timothy Brenton and Britt Sweeney.

It was not politically relevant or righteous. It was a brutal attack by an unorganized, deranged imbecile. We are sickened by the shirt's message and the fact that it now represents Furious Styles. The shirt was created solely by Mike Torres without any consent of ours.

Circulating photos in the media have showed pictures of old bandmates who haven't even played in Furious Styles for years, therefore greatly misrepresenting and condoning individuals who may or may not even be aware of the shirts existence.

We do not support this shirt and feel extreme guilt for any pain it has caused the families and friends of the victims surrounding this event. We are hoping to put a stop to the distribution of the shirt as well as the media's interpretation. We just want to make it clear who is responsible for this.