Here it is: the video for Macklemore's 206 anthem (from his Unplanned Mixtape), directed beautifully by 2009 Stranger Film Genius Zia Mohajerjasbi. Made with love to be a total nostalgia high for Seattle hiphop junkies, it's a cameo parade and litany of the spots we frequented, the albums that so charged us to keep it lit. "JMJ, Sit & Spin, and the Paradox", Macklemore intones- "14 Fathoms Deep, Do The Math, Tribal." A new era of pride and a common sense if history come with this scene's deservedly-lauded creative surge (and is it the chicken or the egg?), and Mack and Zia spare not a drop of nostalgia in capturing it.

That generation that read The Flavor(and not the one from Living Single), that came up on Source Of Labor, Black Anger, Ghetto Children albums- DJ Topspin and B-Mello tapes, going to battles, club nights, Oldominion shows- this joint is for them. But hopefully people who didn't see any of it, who are just figuring it out, who don't really give a shit about hiphop as a culture or whatever- hopefully, there's something for them too. And I know some of y'all are sick of this Seattle hiphop cheerleading. And i love it.