Yes, it's one of the greatest hiphop singles ever, but it's not about "Luchini" right now, it's all about the 3:15 mark, when "Swing" kicks in and Digable Planet Ish (yes, he of Shabazz Palaces, you fuckfaced haters) reveals himself. The first time I saw this video I was already positive i'd be buying Camp Lo's Uptown Saturday Night (and christ, i've probably bought it 3 times since) but when I heard the voice and saw the face, I lost my shit(Blowout Comb was still saving my life at the time).

The dude in the passenger seat is Camp Lo's Geechi Suede (sometimes G Suede, Emerald Suede, or just Suede); he's the other cat who came out and rapped during the Shabazz set on Friday. Just as i had when I heard Ish on "Swing", I lost it when I heard Suede's unmistakable voice cut in- of course I was in a perpetual state of losing my shit anyway. I'd never heard the song they did that night, which suggests good things- hopefully a reunion on the next SP project.

The last time the Lo was in Seattle (@ Chop Suey it was), they brought Ish up for "Swing" but only before they took a moment to explain what a massive influence and friend he had been to the seminal Bronx rap crew.