Last Friday, I announced a Pavement ticket giveaway, wherein a pair of tickets to Pavement's September 5 show at the Paramount would be given to the person who wants them most. Levels of want would be decided by personal essays detailing why the writer deserved Pavement tickets more than anyone else, submitted to The Stranger. We received many lovely entries but two stood out.

From Pavement-ticket-wanter Marian:

I grew up on the tiny little island of Guam, stuck in the middle of the Pacific. As you can imagine, bands NEVER came to Guam, and it's not as if I could drive to a major metropolitan area to see touring acts. The closest place to see bands was Japan at $600 a pop for airfare. Yeah, not going to happen!

Pavement was one of my favorite bands growing up. I would listen to the "alternative" radio show religiously and request Pavement songs and tape them off the radio when they would play. I collected all their albums, bought their 7" singles from the Matador mail-order catalog (despite not having a record player), and hung pictures of the band on my wall. I was truly an obsessive fangirl, and none of my friends could understand my love for them. "They sound lazy," they would say. "Is he saying career or Korea?" That's part of the charm, dammit!

Of course, by the time I had graduated from high school and moved to the mainland for college, Pavement had broken up—just like every other band I loved. Gaaah! So being able to see Pavement would be a nerdy little Asian girl's dream come true.

Sincerely (I want them the most),
wants to see Pavement the MOST. :D

And from Pavement-ticket-wanter Samuel:

if I win I promise to never be a juggalo, ever again

It's up to you, people.

UPDATE: Marian wins by several miles. Congratulations, Marian!