I've never really liked Bruce Springsteen but then again, I've never really tried. I only know him from the singles off Born In The USA and whatever came on the radio when I was trying to tape Duran Duran or Thompson Twins. However, in the last couple years there have been some unauthorized remixes that have pushed me to look into The Boss more closely. First there was the Cousin Cole blissed out rework of "I'm On Fire", then the restructure and re-edit of "Tougher Than The Rest" by M.Vogel. Both of those mixes upped the atmosphere and extended the instrumental passages to create a pace and structure I'm more inclined to appreciate. Now, Trentemøller has dropped a simple beat behind Nebraska classic, "State Trooper", with great success. The thing that ties all these mixes together and encourages me to check out more of Bruce is their obvious appreciation of the source material. All three mixes are technically illegal and unauthorized but they're the only thing that has ignited an interest in Springsteen for me. Note to record labels. These types of remixes are promoting your artists, not hurting them.

Here's the Cousin Cole mix of "I'm On Fire".