Please join me in theatrically shaking my fist at California. While our June has been defined by decidedly bleh weather (wtf was that rainstorm last night all about?), they’ve been rockin’ their typically-pleasurable climes. It’s times like these that I defer to sunny tunes—call it sonic wish fulfillment.

It’s fortuitous, then, that there’s a new track out by the San Gabriel Valley’s foremost twangadelic youngsters, Norse Horse. “Shooodikids” doesn’t venture too far beyond the sonic boundaries established on the band’s heavenly Secret Geographies full-length, but it does provide a nice dose of soothing, solar-powered pop. The song’s aqueous guitar riff is boss enough to compensate for the minuscule deficiencies in the overall mix; if the vocals were mixed a little higher, the track might be a perfect June Jam.

You can grab an mp3 of “Shooodikids” over at the ever-estimable 20JFG.

I’ve also been grooving on a couple other aurally pleasing, meteorologically-contradictory tracks that have been making the blog rounds: Matthewdavid’s “Trusss” and “Late Key” by Veux. “Truss” is a wonkified bit of sidechained chillness that (surprise, surprise) also hails from a sun-flooded studio in Southern California. Veux is a collaboration between Matthewdavid (who, despite the implications of his moniker, is actually a solo beatmaker) and Atlanta’s drowsy, graffiti-haunted pop act Dog Bite. The sound of “Late Key” is promising—more sunrise than vibrant sunset, if you’ll pardon the cliché. If I were in the business of making wildly hyperbolic and borderline-baseless predictions, I’d say that “Late Key” sounds like the future of chillwave (whatever that means, right?).

You can nab “Truss” and “Late Key” at Friendship Bracelet.