As if there weren’t enough reasons already to go see tonight’s Deerhoof show at The Vera Project (re-re-read Grant’s recommendation here), emerging local band Witch Gardens has been added to the top of the bill. I previously described the foursome as “[specializing] in a twisted, moldered, and sun-bleached kind of faraway pop.”

Witchhaus, it ain’t, obviously. Their song “Baby Got a Haircut” is a remarkable piece of distortion-choked, flashback-inducing bubblegum, with an addictive melody and mirthful vintage guitar sounds. It’s one of those rare tracks that seems to very specifically evoke the qualities of a faded photograph (Roland Barthes would get a stiffy if he heard it).

Full Disc.: one-time Stranger contributor Casey Catherwood plays in Witch Gardens, and he’s the man responsible for the super-dope show poster you see on the left.