Sound Check this week: Diminished Men drummer Dave Abramson denies taking LSD and wrestling large iguanas. He also talked about the instrumental nature of his band’s music. It’s tricky to keep the audience’s attention with instrumental music. But Diminished Men do it very very very well. I asked Dave a couple follow ups:

What made you all want to keep it instrumental?
Abramson: We never discussed having a singer or not having a singer. The music Steve Schmitt and I started putting together when we first met didn't seem to call for a vocalist. However, we do collaborate with singers from time to time. Herb Diamante is a brilliant singer, wordsmith, and performer from the UK. We've done a few tracks with him now that might actually turn into an album. Diamante has released records on Abduction, the label who put out our last album. We've also collaborated with our friend Sara Johanne from the Portland bands Dead Cinema and Susurrus Station.

Diminished Men: "Pantomime Magpie"

What are your top ten instrumental albums?
In no particular order, here are ten of our favorites:

Quincy Jones: Soundtrack to In Cold Blood
Philippe Sarde: Soundtrack to Roman Polanski's The Tenant
Nino Rota: LSD Roma
The Ventures: The Ventures In Space
Bollywood Steel Guitar (Sublime Frequencies label)
The Baron Charles Mingus: Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
Soundtrack to Midnight Cowboy
Ennio Morricone: Crime & Dissonance
Angelo Badalamenti: Soundtrack to Twin Peaks
Oliver Nelson: Blues and Abstract Truth