This is the second installment of a (most likely) short series of random posts when I get hung up on great tracks performed by artists assumed to be, or are in fact, squares.

Holy SHIT!! Gene Pitney.


She's dynamite, shes got me uptite! The way you sock it to me girl, you're outta sight.

Strange video, on so many levels...his deadpan/sync performance freaks me out...eesh...awesome track though.

Pitney has a GREAT track record as a songwriter (The Crystal's "He's A Rebel"!!!) and as a pop star (he charted a LOT from 1960 - '69), but his output was just that, sweet pop sung sweetly. I reckon if you've been anywhere within earshot of an "oldies" station anytime in the past thirty years you might recognize a few of his songs..."Town Without Pity ," his first hit, or better yet, "Crying." "Crying" he wrote and recorded, however it's Roy Orbison's version you'll most likely know.

One other note of Pitney's (sometimes) badassery, he was involved early on with the Rolling Stones and was present during the recording of their first LP, AND he even took the first Jagger/Richards penned "That Girl Belongs to Yesterday" to the UK top ten.

He died in 2006.