• Inua Blevins
  • FileJerks
This week the FileJerks expound on their new (Stranger exclusive) Mash Hall remix of “Get Your Ass to Mars” featuring THEESatisfaction. In it, the word "Bitch" is highlighted. I followed up with FileJerks’ Astronomar and Mash Hall’s Larry Mizell to talk about the word and its usage:

FileJerks' Mash Hall Remix (feat. THEESatisfaction): "Get Your Ass to Mars"

What are your thoughts on the usage of the word "Bitch" in songs, or this song?

Astronomar: The word bitch, notice I didn't capitalize it, has its place in song, though often misused as a filler jargon. In this particular case, it is excitedly addressing the fact that you cannot stop the Dro-Bots, which I fully support. bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.

Larry: Ice Cube said, "A bitch is a bitch." Ice-T said, "So ladies, we ain't just talkin' bout you, cause some of y'all niggas is bitches too!" In my opinion, a bitch is someone of weak character, who lacks conviction, who can't be trusted. If you hear the word bitch and identify with it, then you just might be one. Some people take it as just meaning 'women,' which makes me wince. When I hear it used like, "Hey, look at those bitches," I’m not really feeling it. Or the more predatory, "All on a bitch,” pimp-type shit, where a dude is bragging about preying on a woman's pockets and low-self esteem. That's a sickness, even if it can sometimes make for some compelling rap.

Where in Alaska are FileJerks from?

Astonomar: Shorthand and I are both from Alaska's capitol, Juneau. Born and raised. For the most part, the music scene in Juneau consists of blue grass and folk music, which explains why we like rave music.

FileJerks are at Moe Bar on Sundays for The Red Eye, and at HG Lodge for Say OK.