Here’s your Monday afternoon post-lunch lobe ride. Take a seat. Put headphones on. Sharpen a pencil. Let John “The Falcon” McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension trip your balls for two minutes and forty-six seconds. Log out. It’s falconry time. And the falcon has spotted a mouse a mile away. The scent of its eyes is in the updraft. A fortress rides the wave. Usurp. At times lizardous.

John McLaughlin smiles widely and often during his set. He has a rapport going with the music and the sounds his band members are emitting. Humor is (must be) involved with this nonverbal commincado. Because they're laughing about something. An acknowledgement of, "Oh, you did that tonight. Haha. Just like in Denver. The old minor subjugated Y-wing. Try this scurried 7th on for size." It's a communication and an acknowledgment that only the most seasoned of seasoned players have. Most people can't tell what's going on, they just know it sounds complex and gliding. Inside, the players are working within and devising micro worlds of sonic roll play, and falconry.

Did I say dual drumming? There was much of it. Amazing. I couldn't speak for thirty minutes after, I didn't know where I was, and I could have used a pacifier. Mark Mondesir is an ambidextrous God.

McLaughlin is 68 years old. He's vegetarian and he exercises regularly, even while on the road. He will also make you aware of every animal living in the Amazon rain forest, with his guitar playing. I could have done with a little less of the cheesy synth sounds.

People eat at Jazz Alley. How can you eat while John McLaughlin is levitating a gyroscopic Pyramid of Giza over your head?