The van is pulled over into an inspection area and we get out. Eight inspection agents with flashlights and pistols stand next to the eight from Mad Rad — Champagne Champagne. The drug dog inside the van is barking hysterically. Like it has never barked before. “I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT, I FOUND IT.” Loud, clearly enunciated, trained barks. The dog that was inside the car next to us got out of that car and ran inside our van, and started barking. Not good. Multiple dogs going nuts inside the van. I say to the lead agent, “Beautiful sunset.” And it was. A pink into burnt orange, light blue becoming dark. The inspection agent did not respond.

We had not been stupid. There was nothing in the van. That we could remember. But how thorough had we been? One of Thomas’ bags was of particular interest to the dogs. The agent said, “The dog is detecting large quantities of drugs in this bag, but there are no drugs in it.” Thomas had his dirty clothes in it, and shrugged. The agent dumped them on the ground. Dog still going nuts, “THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT, THIS IS IT. DO I GET A TREAT NOW.”

The van was thoroughly inspected. P had forgotten one item in a forgotten pocket in his P coat. He was read his rights, answered some questions, handed over the forgotten item, and that was it. We were told we could get back in the van and be on our way. I thought for sure we were fucked.