(Sorry I couldn't think of a way to work "Champagne" into this blog post title—so as to make it in step with the as-of-a-few-minutes-ago unofficial Line Out trend—but just deal with it.)

Sam from Megabats and Debacle Records tipped me off to this show tonight, which is a CD release party for Brown Cloud's Sax By Candlelight, an adventuresome, exploratory longform release that's nowhere near as cheesy as its title or album art suggests. You look at this thing and expect Kenny G (or at least Tom Kenny's "Saxman" from Tom Goes to the Mayor), and instead you get avant freak-outs and ambient soundscapes:


Brown Cloud's Andrew Swanson, Chris Icasiano, and Kristian Garrard also contribute to a handful of other Seattle bands, including Thousands, Heatwarmer, Speak, Bad Luck, Born Under the Sun of Death, and KRGA.

The openers are on a hyperactive, free-jazz/full-band/jam zone tip which should match nicely.

Show starts at 9 (probably more like 9-ish), and donations are suggested at the door.