Mark your calendars! On Saturday THURSDAY, March 3rd, the Crocodile is hosting the SXSW Kick-Off Party and Musician's Bazaar. A whole heap of local bands are headed south for the festival and they'll need all the gas money they can get, so on Saturday not only will they be performing, but they'll be offering up some awesome merch (both the usual t-shirts and CDs as well as some exclusive stuff and/or baked goods) to help raise some extra funds.

Here's the list of participating artists:

Campfire OK (with a KISSING BOOTH—"tongue is extra"!)
Black Whales
The Globes
Wild Orchid Children
The Young Evils
The Redwood Plan (with copies of their SXSW exclusive single and drawings done by members of the band!)
Tea Cozies (with all kinds of handmade trinkets including pillow cases, scrabble magnets, beer cozies, booksmarks, and more!)
Ravenna Woods
Fatal Lucciauno (with Sportin' Life's six-album discography!)
State of the Artists (with signed/framed posters and photos and custom rap songs performed just for you!)
D. Black
and more to be added soon!

Tickets are just $8 and you can buy them here.