Word just came down the pipeline that ATL-turned New Yorkers, The Black Lips, are coming back to Seattle.

I'm going to start this off and not bullshit you: Seattle is not the town to see The Black Lips play. Every time I see them in this city it's a fairly sombre affair, and a lackadaisical attempt on their part. No, I'm, not shit-talking them as a band; the other times I've caught them—in Madison, and as a fresher-faced youth in San Francisco when they were touring as part of the super group The Almighty Defenders—have been completely in-fucking-sane. I'm talking whisky showers, nudity, homo-eroticism, the whole he-bang. I don't think I even have to mention every time I eschew my home and go to PDX to catch the rowdiness of their Northwest tours.

But it doesn't get wild in Seattle. Not any more, at least.

For one reason and one reason alone: No drinking on Seattle stages.

I hear this gripe CONSTANTLY from rock and punk outfits that want to play the type of show they want to play. Smashing down the wall between crowd and performer. And this gets specifically true when your band is billed as a "fun time." You know this game well, sober people hate drunks. This is twice-fold when it comes to bands. Looking out into a crowd of glossy-eyed, fall-abouts doesn't quite resonate in you the same way it would if you, in turn, are literally trying to swallow the god damn microphone yourself (via tons o' onstage booze, duh). Spectacles beget spectacles, and in my earnest opinion, as a touring band, you should be able to get sloppy drunk. PLEASE make a scene. Make my ten-fifteen-twenty dollars worth SOMETHING.

I know this might not be the best place to spew this kind of diatribe. And yes, it does make me an asshole for coming out in support of booze. But I will take that stand, at least just to save face in talking about Seattle as a "happening" music city. Our name is getting tarnished by the day as bands that are getting bigger/need to play venues encounter this law. As bands start booking their tours, they know what they're in for when they come to our city.

But, hey, I won't get down on us. We are still pretty cool. Bands are still coming, but, most likely playing crazier shows in other cities. We still have our shots at the big leagues, even if the business owners don't like how we do it. It will be okay friends. It's not like the Washington State Liquor Control Board is a life appointed position. Oh, it is? Wonderful.

Truth be told, though, this will still be a good show. Definitely packed. Definitely sweaty. Still punk-ish. These kids are playing with them. And I can always go with some more Bad Brains inspired, early 80s anarchy. Plus, come on. That band name? Cerebral Ballzy? Awesome.

It's going down June 16 at Nuemos.

Oh yeah, Mark Ronson is producing the next Lips album. A little wierd, but they are still recording all the vocals through a HUMAN SKULL.

They may not be able to drink on stage, but fuck yeah, drugs!