This event is happening in the lot behind Cheer Up Charlie's on 6th Ave, and Yelp says a "vegan yacht" is at that spot as well. This specific showcase just got picked up by Scion, and this leads me to wonder if there is a Scion-made Limo yet. What would that look like? Would it be the most authentic party car to date? Would it offer as many amenities as the Hummer Limo? These are questions you've got to ask, friends.

Limo tangent aside, I've been trying to keep an ear out for other Seattle/Washington based parties down there, but it's only just "rolling along." This one seems to be a good showing of a lot of our rain-tinged talent. I also just got word about K Records' showcase that's happening right 'round the corner, featuring Kimya Dawson and Generifus. But, if you happen to know of more showcases or bands, feel free to let me know in the comements. Some of my friends are putting together a couple 'zines about our city's musical denizens making the trip down there, and you know the rules of this kind of thing: the more, the merrier.

Seattle's flex of its garage/punk/metal muscle is below:
Strong Killings, Thunder Buffalo, Detective Agency, Butts, Unnatural Helpers, Prison, and Grave Babies.

And these next two bands don't actually reside here. One of them had to do the "college thing" in Portland, and the other just reeeally likes our state's capitol, but they are still count as an integral part of our Seattle sound:

Hausu and Christmas

The official line up came out late yesterday, and the rest of the bands playing this two-day onslaught below. I REALLY hope this thing is survivable, cause I feel like it's going to be one of those situations where you're in the minority if there isn't a beer in your hand.

"Hey, you!"
"Your not drinkin'? Here, take this."
"Uhhhhh... It's 9 in the morning."
"Well, then throw some tomato juice it, pussy."

Feel free to now move on if you don't like looking at a bunch of random words that compromise what we call "band names."

Branden Daniel
Devon Williams
Dizzy Eyes
Strange Boys
Mother of Gut
Rayon Beach
X-Ray Eyeballs
Wounded Lion
Paul Cary
Shannon & The Clams
Reading Rainbow
Personal & The Pizzas
Fungi Girls
King Tuff
Davila 666
Manic Attracts
Guantanamo Baywatch
Dead Ghosts
Surf City
Hunx & His Punx
Women in Prison
Cheap Time
Thee Oh Sees
Radar Eyes

Bolded are bands that make me jizz, of course.