This is part of an ongoing series in which Seattle duo Brain Fruit travel through India, Istanbul, and Berlin. You can find all the previous entries here. —Eds.

Sorry for the sporadic updates everybody, we're completely failing to develop any sort of narrative sense out of our travels. Strangely enough, I find that fitting as this trip was a dice roll of "what three places do we collectively want to visit the most." Who the fuck cares anyways, we're here to have fun and hopefully survive. Roll with it, we certainly are.

Here are some beautiful images taken on and from the roof of our hostel in Varanasi. At 400rp a night (~ $9) I'd say it's a steal. You can see the river Ganges and the cremation ghats below. It's an honor to have the privilege of traveling to the spiritual heart of India and see that energy present in the people here, but goddamn, hippies like none other. Get off your vision quest horse and smell the Buddha tote bag full of credit cards. Regardless, this city alone was worth a year at a job I hated the shit out of.





Next up: HOLI festival in Kolkata and Istanbul (March 25th).


P.S. I think I have about 60 bug bites on my right foot.