I'm down here in Austin on another alt weekly's dime, but I'll try and chime in here when I have a sec. Here are three things that stood out for me amid yesterday's insanity:

-The traffic is godawful. I hitched a ride downtown with Beat Connection, and it literally took them two hours to travel seven miles. I understand that tourists and journos can and should bus or bike in and out of downtown, but for visiting musicians with gear to unload, the sitch seems to be pretty fucking dreadful.

-I had the best quesadilla/wrap/whatever of my life last night. A toasted tortilla filled with one fried egg, two strips of bacon, guacamole, cheese, and hellishly hot "vicious sauce." It was exactly the kind of artery-clogging awesomeness I was hoping to consume during this visit. I think the vendor who cooked it for me was called "Pig Vicious," and it was on the East Side. I would have taken a photo, but I was too eager to wolf that motherfucker down.

-I saw a dude on 6th St. wearing a homemade t-shirt with the slogan "Smoke meth and eat your kids."

(Also: Droop-E deserved a way bigger crowd for his set at Fuze. Next year, maybe).