This is part of an ongoing series in which Seattle duo Brain Fruit travel through India, Istanbul, and Berlin. You can find all the previous entries here. —Eds.

Flourescent lighting in bars is hilarious. Who needs that flattering darkness with a heavy red hue? I want to be able to see all the irritated pores on my friends' faces as they sip a piss-colored 650ml foil-labeled Thunderbolt. Other highlights included cafeteria-style seating and a urinal that looked like it got diarrhead on 15 years ago. When flushing the toilet, I couldn't help but be reminded of that one time I stuck my fingers into a booth cushion at the Cha Cha.

The prices were right; I might actually go back there. Plus, I really need a photo of a baggy-pants Indian bro with a goatee and mullet wafting his polo shirt back and forth in front of the air conditioner. Lighten up those sweaty pits do.

JC/BBO, WMTS shout.