It's true, ever since Grant Brizzby's Horses, Horses and Don Johnson post Mr. Johnson has been threadin' deep in my brain. I think 'cause, for one, I now feel a desperate need to find a copy of that Horses LP. Then, yesterday, I found out my pal is writing a Don Johnson feature, all about Johnson's early film and music, for Shindig mag!! YEAH, which, by the way, is um, nothing like, um...this...

"I'm standing by the fire, I just can't feel the heat"

However, on consideration how all of his later "work" is just AWFUL, not all of his early work was good either. I bet you can't through the song featured in this clip...seriously, I DARE YOU!!

Right, so I haven't been able to escape Mr. Johnson...well, really it's Horses that's been haunting me! And the more I listen to Horses I'm thinking uh, YEAH...that is Don Johnson singing. Not sure why the producers, Gilbert and Carter, would say it wasn't. Um, of course it WAS years ago and why/how would the producers remember EVERYONE they worked with, especially a pop FLOP like Horses. I should just ask Don directly, I'm sure he's got a Facebook page...right?