Four days ago filmmaker Dave Markey released his rarely seen film about Black Flag's 1986 tour called Reality 86'd on Vimeo. Tons of footage of the psychedelic punker confusion that made up the last Black Flag tour with most of the usual suspects, plus footage of the late Joe Cole. This is the tour that bummed out hundreds of hardcore goons wanting to hear Damaged-era jams but were treated to ZZ Top's Eliminator each night before Black Flag took the stage with countless endless versions of "Louie Louie". Unfortunately the worst Black Flag lineup and a little heavy on Painted Willie & Gone, but a wonderful history lesson nonetheless.

As Markey himself puts it, "A crucial turning point in American underground rock. The end of the line for a trail blazing American band."

If youre cold, youre dead. If youre cool, youre halfway there.
  • If you're cold, you're dead. If you're cool, you're halfway there.