Beetles in the Sink
  • Beetles in the Sink
Bellingham Endfair was this past weekend. Weather was spotty so shows were moved to an auditorium. Mad Rad sweltered in the sock of a womb. Lights and people were hot. Very hot. Near vomit, I was, from the heat. It started to smell like too many bodies, so I asked them if we could burn incense. They said no due to fire hazard. Buffalo Madonna brought a 20 foot ladder onstage for a song. That was not allowed either.

Later, there was freestyling at an afterparty that evolved into battle-rapping. It is unwise to battle-rap against Buffalo Madonna. He will filet you. It was actually the other guy who started the battle-rap. Buffalo was just freestyling, friendly style. The other guy (a hockey player?) rapped some instigating, lousy flowing shit. When it came back to Buffalo's turn, he destroyed the guy, thoroughly, making him look like an absolute tool. Buffalo was smarter, faster, cleaner, rhyme-ier. Exponentially. The other guy was embarrassed and shoved someone, I think Darwin, so Darwin threw a beer on him. Then the hockey player grabbed Darwin, and they tumbled down some cement stairs. The hockey player was neutralized and all was good. Next time, maybe he won’t try to battle-rap a battle-rap King.

Earlier, the Maldives played. They were incredible, as were the acoustics of the auditorium. Great great sound was had. Harmonies were locked and crystal. Solos, layered, rolled out like fine velvet wind. Maldives always impress. Jason Dodson has a weathered oracle vibe. Multi-instrumentalist Kevin Barrans (who was playing drums, this Endfair set) has one of the more furtive beards you will see. His strength of beard is a 10 out of 10. Seatac International Airport is going to put in a 4th runway, and they are going to use his beard, it has that much frothage. When the other three runways are being used, planes will land on Barrans’ beard.

Here’s two minutes of the Maldives playing “I’m Gonna Try”. When they were finished with the set, Barrans went out to the parking lot, and a 737 landed on his beard: