Grudge Rock is the fun and crazy (and sometimes drunk) game show that combines local rock and roll with Family Feud. Usually it happens once a month at Re-bar, but the show's creator, Jake Stratton, has even bigger plans—he wants to turn Grudge Rock into a regular webcast and maybe even TV show. But he needs your help!

Grudge Rock is not very lucrative—at the end of the night, Jake gives away all the door money to the winning band. So if you want to see Grudge Rock on your computer (or TV!) screen, head over to Grudge Rock's new Kickstarter page to throw Jake and Co. a few bucks so they can make their dreams come true. They're hoping to raise $10,000 by June 30th. Why so much money? Says the Kickstarter page:

First thing, I need to build an honest-to-goodness game show set. The live show is very stripped down, basically an empty stage, a video projector and a tricked-out podium. If I'm going to broadcast this to the world, i'd love to up the production values considerably. I have plans drawn up for a very appropriate set, and once we get the building materials, it won't take long to put together.

Find out more information here, and for further explanation and entertainment, watch this video:

The next Grudge Rock show is June 2nd at Re-bar with Ronald McFondle and Billy the Fridge vs. Noel Austin's Phreaks.