If there were cred cards, mine should certainly be revoked. Last night while in some sort of insomnia induced haze, I spent a bunch of time wishing happy birthday to a mostly inconsequential Swedish guitar shredder. Somehow I missed that today is Tommy Keene's birthday as well.

Tommy Keene: sleeping on a roller coaster to the real underground.
  • Tommy Keene: sleeping on a roller coaster to the real underground.

Keene was born on this day in Maryland, raised on a diet of the Beatles & the Who. Keene hit big in 1984 with the perfect EP Places That Are Gone, and appeared in the 1986 Anthony Michael Hall (classic to kids raised on early cable TV) movie Out Of Bounds. Soon after, he signed to Geffen Records and worked with Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick. In the Late 1980s & 1990s, Keene toured with the Replacements and worked with Peter Buck & Paul Westerberg, cementing his cult status in alt-rock history. Keene later inked a deal with Matador and started a band with Bob Pollard called the Keene Brothers, as well as playing as a member of the Boston Spaceships.

Tommy Keene shows no sign of letting up today, releasing In the Late Bright in 2009 as well as a 2-CD collection called You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983-2009. A new record is slated for an August 2011 release called Behind The Parade with a short tour in September in support. As of now, no Seattle dates have been scheduled. LAME.

This report is extremely condensed, if you're interested do some digging yourself. I assure you'll not be disappointed.

Happy birthday, TK!

Interesting live version w/ blown out sound: