• Timothy Rysdyke

What's your favorite Christmas carol?
"Carol of the Bells." Because the women in church do this, with gloves. [Mimics playing hand bells.] And they play it in Home Alone.

Would you rather die in an avalanche or an ice-fishing accident?
ICE FISHING ACCIDENT! Because I think you'd die really fast. I want to die really fast.

Do you have any winter skills?
I can make snow angels, and snowmen, because I grew up on Montana. I'm also into ice skating because I like Tonya Harding a lot.

Bonus shoe-related question! Have you ever been kicked in the face?
Yes. I got in this fight with this girl named Jamie in high school and the whole high school came to watch and it was in winter and you know those towns where there's an M in the mountain, like it's the town mascot? We went to that, we got into a fist fight, I gave her a black eye, I got kicked in the face, my cheek swelled up, she scratched my boob really hard. There was a wolverine wound on my boob.

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  • Timothy Rysdyke

And it's... Emily Nokes of Tacocat!! Fresh home from the road and soon to play Chop Suey on August 4 at The Stranger Presents a Very Humiliating Evening cabaret. She reports that every other place in the USA is so much hotter than it is here.