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Friday, July 29, 2011

Tonight in Music: Shenandoah Davis, Paleo, Led to Sea, John Wiese, Demian Johnston, Blowupnihilist, Permanent Collection, Self-Actualized, Country Lips, Spillway, Stacian, Acinonyx, Ty Segall, Audacity

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Ty Segall - "Goodbye Bread" by Christophe Laforge

Ty Segall, Audacity, Idle Times

(Crocodile) See preview.

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Stacian, Acinonyx, Jabon, Stella Haze

(Rendezvous) See Data Breaker.

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Country Lips, Spillway, Dum Spiro Spero, What What Now

(Black Lodge) See Sound Check.

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Permanent Collection, Self-Actualized

(Space) See Underage.

John Wiese, Demian Johnston, Blowupnihilist, Ground Tissues, Self Communion

(Josephine) Another Friday night, another noise-music summit meeting at the Josephine. Seattle's Demian Johnston is a master of the overblown drone and the tar-black, spiky waveform, both of which he wields with intelligence and intensity. He's also been known to play beautiful, desolate guitar pieces that could make a maximum-security inmate cry. Extreme existential dread is his bread and batter. Vancouver, Washington's Blowupnihilist toil in the grindcore trenches with all the bilious abandon and fuck-you frequencies you could ever want (you glutton). Headliner John Wiese (aka Sissy Spacek) flaunts an intimidating canon of spasmodic noise documents. Unpredictability rules in this Los Angeles musician's madly dynamic compositions, with approaches ranging from atomic bomb drops to needling, microscopic incisions. Last time Wiese came through town, I wrote that his tracks will "give your ears whiplash." He sure knows his audience. DAVE SEGAL

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Shenandoah Davis, Paleo, Led to Sea

(Fremont Abbey) Since releasing her debut full-length, local singer Shenandoah Davis has built up a solid reputation by lending her talents to other people's endeavors. But now, after performing with Grand Hallway and contributing to both the Seattle Rock Orchestra and the Portland Cello Project, it's her time to shine. Tonight, Davis is releasing her sophomore full-length, The Company We Keep. With piano, horns, and her slightly quirky—and gorgeous—voice, Davis flirts with whimsy and vaudeville, but her songs still remain more thoughtful than theatrical. MEGAN SELING

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