Seattle psychedelic multimedia ensemble Midday Veil will play a live set on KEXP's Audioasis show (90.3 FM; kexp.org) Sat. Aug. 13 at 8 pm. In addition, they're making their new EP, Subterranean Ritual II (Translinguistic Other), available for free streaming here. You can also purchase it on a cassette, which comes with a download card. I wrote about SR2 on Line Out last month. I quite liked it. Midday Veil launch a West Coast tour—with said cassette in tow—Aug. 17, culminating with an Aug. 26 show at the Comet. (See itinerary after the cut.)

Aug. 13 Live in-studio performance on KEXP's Audioasis, Seattle, WA
(Tune in to 90.3 at 8 pm PST or stream online at kexp.org)

Aug. 17 Tin Can Ale House, San Diego, CA
(with Strangers Family Band)

Aug. 18 Night off (band pilgrimage to the INTEGRATRON)

Aug. 19 Hood Bar, Palm Desert, CA
(with Strangers Family Band, War Drum)

Aug. 20 Strangers Family Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
(with Strangers Family Band, War Drum, Spirit Vine)

Aug. 21 Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA
(with Magic Leaves, The Range of Light Wilderness)

Aug. 25 The Holocene, Portland, OR
(Redefine Magazine presents INTUITIVE NAVIGATION with Swahili, Golden Retriever, Black Science, Billions and Billions)

Aug. 26 The Comet Tavern, Seattle, WA
(with Magic Leaves, Wayfinders, Rose Windows)