Will 2011(ish) be remembered as the golden days of found-footage videos? Obviously, there's a long legacy of music videos that were spliced together from fossicked nuggets of VHS miscellany (and it's a trend I'm guilty of indulging in myself), but I feel like I'm seeing more and more of them crop up with every new day.

Not that that's a bad thing at all.

Take these two new clips, one for Portland duo Chrome Wings' "Sky Mirage," off their upcoming New Lands on AM Discs, which distinguishes itself by featuring multi-instrumentalist Jon Jurow looking like a total chiller:

And this video for White Rainbow's hypnotic "Stark Naked Bluster," directed by Oakland A/V wizard Jib Kidder (who totally gets a pass for nicking the cover artwork from the Oneness Space because True Love Wallpaper is so damn beautiful):