Jacuzzi Boys, Glazin', Hardly Art

  • Hardly Art

Contrary to their name, this Miami trio (guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala, drummer Diego Monasterios, and bassist Danny Gonzalez) don't come across as hedonistic layabouts who spend their days sipping Mojitos and soaking in the Jacuzzi.

Instead, their second album plays more like Ty Segall fronting Davila 666. While they're neither as off-kilter as Segall nor as fast-paced as Davila, their crunchy power-pop is a pleasure (unlike the Puerto Rican sextet, they also sing in English).

I'd imagine they've absorbed a few Ramones and Undertones records in their time, since most songs revolve around sugar and girls (lyrics reference "donuts," "juice," etc.). It's all very sweet, but there's just enough grit here to prevent sugar shock. If I didn't know any better, I'd peg them for an In the Red act (I love La Sera, but haven't been able to connect with most HA releases to date).

If you've seen Larry Clarke's Latino skateboard opus Wassup Rockers: this is the audio equivalent (fittingly, Glazin' even includes a song about Los Angeles).

Jacuzzi Boys play the Funhouse on 10/7 (9:30pm, 21+). Glazin' is out now.