As Drizzleville once again turns back into Drizzleville, I've been going through boxes that I've just moved across town. A lot of the boxes I've kept since I was 12, mostly mail and receipts and paper scraps that I've put in my pockets. Here are scans of some of those things.



I reckon this is from 2003 or so. I don't remember exactly what it is, but I have an inkling that it's something really gross. I'm pretty sure it was made in a frying pan.


OH WOW, here's a doozy! I found this on the ground of the University of Chicago campus, probably in 2005 or so. The neighborhood in which that school is located is teeming with diversity, so I'd guess that maybe this piece of paper has something to do with that, etc.


These were all over the Midwest in the late 1990s. I remember seeing them in a lot of different cities, usually taped to phone booths.


I had a party in October of 2004. In the middle of the party somebody noticed a girl putting a lot of my things into her bra, mostly chocolate bars. When we confronted her, she started removing a lot of things from her bra, mostly chocolate bars. She was really drunk so we walked her home, but we always called her Snicker Tits from then on.


This is Lisa Carver's mail. Lisa Carver is Lisa Suckdog. Lisa Suckdog was married to Boyd Rice and dated G.G. Allin.


This letter arrived at a record store that I worked at in the mid-2000s. I guess it's only mildly interesting, but I decided to put it here in case you happen to be reading this and also have live Foreigner recordings from 1977 (live broadcast, etc).



Oh, and then there is this. I found this at a house where I was asked to buy a woman's record collection. Most of her records were in a basement underwater or covered in mold, but the woman asked me to sit and talk to her after I told her that I didn't want any of her records. I noticed this letter in her garbage and I took it because I'm rather nosy.


This note isn't old at all, it's fairly recent. Although it's not mine, it sure is a good one!