Originally posted Wednesday at 5:05 pm

Jesus, bad weekend for Capitol Hill bar workers (although, having been one, I can fairly say that every weekend is a bad weekend for Capitol Hill bar workers). First, Victoria Liss gets a shitty customer, and then Saturday night at 2 am, employees at Rock Box are assaulted by crazy people. The following is an account from Rock Box employee Erin West:

What exactly happened?

It was 2 am, and we're open until 4 am for singing, but last seating is at 2-ish. People tend to swarm over after all the other bars close for the night. Obviously, we don't serve alcohol after then, but people who are out to party really, really want to get in in time. So, this girl rolls in (and we think she may have even had a bottle of outside liquor in her hand) and puts on the classic entitled-drunk fit and asks for the manager and does her reality tv thing about how they need to be seated. So, while she is doing this, the huge guy walks in though we told him not to, and tries to get back into the building. I stood in front of him and told him we were closed. Then he tried to walk through me, so I kind of pressed against him instead of letting him pass, and he backed out. Then his friend or sister or whoever she was started screaming at me not to shove him. it was really chivalrous of her to protect him from me. I shit you not, 6'3, 300 lbs of man.

What was he doing at this point?

He was backing out, but she got between us and hit me in the face over the shoulder of my co-worker,
so I tried to stop her, but the huge guy and another dude grabbed me. The littler guy was actually trying to break it up, but in the meantime, the huge guy is also choking my co-worker Chet over me, while literally throwing his head back and roaring like wolverine. It was super freaky ragetown.


So! I escaped from them, tried to run after the girl who hit me, and someone else hit me in the face again.
I grabbed the person in front of me and held her because I assumed it was her who hit me, but she was really calm and told me she didn't, so I let her go, which is when the big guy picked me up and threw me to the ground, and I looked around me and realized I could get really fucked up—there were like five or six people who looked like they were in their group, and some were kind of coming towards me. LUCKILY Chet and the manager had gotten over to me, picked me up and threw me out of it. Then the dudes and chicks all started running in different directions.

How did the police finally get involved?

The hostess was calling 911, and the dispatcher couldn't figure out where 1603 nagle was though it's TWO FUCKING BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE POLICE STATION. So my manager ran after the guys, the owner after the girls. The manager managed to leap in front of a police cruiser as it drove past, and they threw the big guy in cuffs immediately, because he was obviously dangerous and giant. The girls got away.

What are your injuries?

I'm scraped up where I hit the pavement, and my nose and eyes are bruised. My stomach hurts where I somehow got hit or from when I was thrown to the ground. I saw a doctor, and they said there's probably not anything to worry about, but recommended I line up a face x-ray for good measure. There is a big bump on my already bumpy nose, bew hew.

Are you planning on pressing charges?

I'm going to do anything I can.

From the police report:

["Suspects] and several other people came into the bar after 0200 hours. Some were very intoxicated so they were refused service and asked to leave." It goes on to detail various suspects punching several Rock Box employees, and strangling one. Then it notes, curiously, that "[Suspect 1] went out into the street and took his shirt off."

Then later: "We responded to the Rock Box to view surveillance video. The video shows Suspect 2 already inside speaking with [redacted]. [Suspect 1] enters and is followed by at least two other males. Suspect 2 is seen walking towards the bar and yelling (at V[ictim] West). [Suspect 1] tries to pull Suspect [2] away and towards the front of the door. [Suspect 1] and his group are being escorted out of the bar. It then shows Suspect 2 turn around and poke at V/West's face and subsequently punching V/West. A struggle then ensues in the doorway and outside. During the struggle it shows [Suspect 1] reaching out with his hand and grabing [redacted] by the neck ... At the precinct, [Suspect 1] told Ofc Jones Suspect 2's name was "Puna." She was a friend but he does not know any information about her. He said he was just defending her. He did not see how the first started. He just saw V/[redacted] grab onto his friend and that's when he started fighting. When told Suspect 2 started this fight, [Suspect 1] was very apologetic."

Stay tuned for more details.